Why Leave the Men Out

Why Leave the Men Out

The idea of men and jewellery may not really have been a subject of discussion a while ago, but today, the metrosexual, or actually even the average man does not baulk at the idea. Jewellery for men may not be as extensive in stores as what you see for women, however there is enough to lend a great deal of panache to the male form. If you are interested in the idea of male jewellery and want to consider how it may look on you, here are a few pointers you can keep in mind.

Choice of Metals: The most commonly used metals are gold and silver. Though many also now prefer to go in for platinum as well. Keep in mind that gold gives off a warm accent and is best suited when teamed up with an outfit that is brown or in earthy tones. If you are in the habit of wearing gold, do make sure that the shades of gold you invest in are similar. Many times, different pieces tend to shine at varying degrees and you don’t want to look mismatched.

Platinum tones are best used with black, grey or dark clothing. This gives you that ageless look and is a classic. The good thing about platinum is that it works fantastically in summers, when clothes tend to go a bright shade. This provides the perfect offset.

Precious Stones or Not: In general, precious stones for men must be kept to the minimum. However, there are some classics like the Navaratan that many men choose to have. Going with a single stone also works well—a diamond, pearl or even birthstones in hues of orange, cream and red are popular. Always ensure that the size of the stone is in proportion to the size of your hand. It should not cause for eyes to dart straight to your hand during a conversation.

Popular Choices in Men’s Jewellery: Commonly opted for pieces of jewellery are watches with precious metal straps. The size of the dial and the bulkiness of the watch depends on what you are comfortable with. Finger rings are a common accessories. Chains are often chosen on the basis of thickness and popular designs include the interlocking chain links, or a thick rope-like design. In addition to these, bracelets, chunky ones that seem to slip right of the wrist are also popular. You could also consider, button hole enhancers, cufflinks and the like.

Be it bling, classy or trendy… men can have it all!


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