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Your wedding, as you desire…
January 1, 2019

Weddings weddings everywhere! Whether its Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas or Deepika and Ranveer or the big Ambani wedding, 2018 has been full of the most glamourous, elaborate and stylish weddings the country has ever seen. One of the interesting things about these celebrity weddings is how they have personalised some of their outfits or jewellery to match their tastes and popular trends!

Some of you to-be-brides would surely be tempted to add a personal touch to your wedding trousseau. Let it be engraving a name on your jewellery or embroidering it on your wedding attire, or even adding a twist to the traditional designs of your outfit, personalising your wedding trousseau just makes your special day even more special and memorable!

The exchange of rings is an important ceremony in most Indian weddings. Adding a personal twist to the rings like engraving your partner’s name or a favourite quote or even a special date would symbolise a beautiful start to a new journey and surely put a smile on your face every time you look at it. Instead of going for the usual gold/diamond ring why not opt for ruby, emerald stones or platinum rings? The trend of adding gemstones or customising the design of the traditional mangalsutra is a trend that is catching on. It adds an element of personal style and emotion to your wedding.

Traditionally, wedding attires have a colour pattern—red, white, gold and maroons being some of the favourites. Brides can add a bit of zing and spunk to the wedding look by combining traditional attire with unconventional jewellery choices. It’s your wedding, dress up as your heart desires.

Coordinating colour and style to suit with your partner is also an interesting way to add a fun quotient to the wedding look. So go ahead, use your imagination, emotion and dream designs to plan your wedding look. Create something exclusive using your favourite colours and designs along with your traditional jewellery to make your wedding an personalised event that is unique and close to your heart!

Royal grandeur at its best
February 27, 2020

The intricate details, the floral patterns, rubies, emeralds and gold, yes, of course, we’re talking about Mughal inspired jewellery! The exquisite Mughal inspired jewellery collection by Jos Alukkas is the definition of royalty and elegance. A range of gold necklaces that are fit for a queen is part of this…The intricate details, the floral patterns, rubies, emeralds and gold, yes, of course, we’re talking about Mughal inspired jewellery! The exquisite Mughal inspired jewellery collection by Jos Alukkas is the definition of royalty and elegance. A range of gold necklaces that are fit for a queen is part of this…The intricate details, the floral patterns, rubies, emeralds and gold, yes, of course, we’re talking about Mughal inspired jewellery! The exquisite Mughal inspired jewellery collection by Jos Alukkas is the definition of royalty and elegance. A range of gold necklaces that are fit for a queen is part of this…

Andhra brides, resplendent in heavy gold and precious stones
January 30, 2016

Each of India’s 29 states has its own distinct traditions, culture and customs. The wedding ceremonies of each region is different and is a true representative of the state it originates from. Like the wedding ceremonies, the brides of each state also have their unique styles and jewellery. Here is a look at the wedding ceremony and trousseau of a bride from Andhra Pradesh.

The ceremony

Weddings in Andhra Pradesh are known for being extravagant with elaborate rituals. The wedding ceremony consists of many events like engagement, snaatakam (graduation bath) and a trip to Kashi, alongside rituals like mangalasnaanam (auspicious bath), aarti (prayers) and Ganesha/Gowripooja. All these events finally culminate with the marriage ceremony on the final day.

Bridal outfit

Telugu wedding ceremonies require several outfit changes including 5.5 yard cotton/silk sarees. The most common type of sarees used are the Dharmavaram sarees, which are famous for their gold plating. Other popular sarees are Gadwal sarees, made in the Gadwal province of Telangana. These sarees are well-known for their silk borders and extensively designed pallus. Nowadays, Telugu brides are also looking at other types of sarees like Ikkat, Mangalgiri and Kalamkari, all of which are popular for their detailed workmanship.

The jewellery collection

In Andhra Pradesh itself, brides from different communities have their own bridal attire and jewellery. The main jewellery from the state is made for the Reddy, Nizam and Arya Vysya brides. Let us now take a closer look at the bridal jewellery of these three communities:

Reddy bride: The jewellery of the bride from this community includes mainly heavy gold ornaments fitted with stones like ruby, diamonds and sapphire, among others. The main items of the jewellery collection include papidibilla (headwear), buttalu (jhumkas), kantaabhushanam (choker necklace), mukkupodaka (nose ring), aravanki/vanki (an arm band), gundla haram (layered chain), pathakala haram (another long chain), gold bangles and stone studded bangles like kanganalu and kadiyalu. The most important ornament, however, is the sutralagolusu (the mangalsutra).

Arya Vysya bride: The Arya Vysya bride wears simple designs and heavy pure gold jewellery. The community’s bridal collection includes the standard papidibilla, buttalu and aravanki. The most important jewellery items include the kandabaranam (a gold and gemstone studded choker necklace) and the nakshi haram (a heavy gold chain adorned with mostly uncut diamonds). Bangles are almost similar to the Reddy bride.

Nizam bride: The Nizams are an integral part of Andhra community and their bridal jewellery is a true representation of their culture. Their main ornaments include the maangtika and jhoomer (both hair ornaments) and the large round nose ring or nath, which is usually studded with gold or pearls. Other ornaments include kundan choker necklace, Victorian finger rings and the Almas Manek rings (rings in the shape of flowers). The most unique jewellery pieces are the saatlada (a seven-tier chain made of gold and pearls) and the kundanmanekchura (heavy bangles). Other hand ornaments are the Almaskada, kundankangan and meenakangan.

The present-day Andhra bride draws the best from traditional and modern bridal jewellery trends and creates her own exclusive bridal fashion statement. Jos Alukkas has two outlets in Andhra Pradesh and customers can check out a range of traditional and other jewellery collections here.



Birthstone: The Blues & Greens Of March!
March 10, 2014

“A March born shall always be
Soothed by Aqua, gem of sea
This mermaid’s treasured stone you wear
Will bring happiness, love, affection and care”

“Who in this world of ours their eyes
In March first open shall be wise,
In days of peril firm and brave,
And wear a bloodstone to their grave.”

The first rhyme talks about aquamarine, the birthstone for the month of March. The gem of the sea is most appealing in its transparent sky blue colour. However, the stone often ranges in tones of greenish-blue to bluish-green. Tones that are sure to match with clothes in a spring or summer wardrobe collection.

The cool colour of the aquamarine is believed to cool tempers and help the wearer remain calm and composed. Natural, then, that the healing properties of the stone show stress-related illnesses high up in its list. It is also considered to be a purifying stone that is able to improve circulation, reduce external distractions and increase mental awareness. The aquamarine is also said to inspire creativity and increase your artistic nature.

Legend has it that the aquamarine was the stone of the sea goddesses. Sea witches were believed to cleanse the stone in the waters of the ocean by the light of the full moon.Since it is a ‘stone of the sea’ the aquamarine is also believed to help and protect sailors and guarantee the wearer a safe voyage.

Mined mainly in Brazil, this gemstone is one of the cleanest available. This means that the stones you are purchasing should not have any inclusions that are visible to the naked eye.Stones that are bluer and darker in shade are more expensive than the other shades available.

However, if you feel blue is not the colour for you, you are in luck. For the month of March has two birthstones associated to it. The second one is the Bloodstone—a dark green stone with bright flecks of red iron oxide and immense magical properties attached to it. Legend has it that the stone was formed when Christ’s blood fell on and stained some green jasper at the foot of the cross. Needless to say, the stone is believed to have healing powers for blood disorders. It has also been used throughout the ages as an amulet of protection against the evil eye. In its connection with blood, the stone was carried on their person by soldiers of ancient days as it was believed to stop bleeding.

The bloodstone is also believed to increase the wearer’s courage and strength. It is also considered to increase creativity, diminish negative energy, uplift your spirit, ease a broken heart and bring in good luck.

Bloodstones are found in plenty in India. There are two types of bloodstones. The plasma ones are opaque and deep green with very little red in it. The heliotropes are transparent and the red flecks are quite vivid. A good quality stone is one that has is solid dark green in colour and has visible veins of red iron oxide. One way of identifying an original bloodstone is to rub it against porcelain. If a red streak appears it is a genuine stone.

So what are you waiting for? Buy yourself an aquamarine or bloodstone and silver ring, or a cluster of aquamarine beads twined into a gold bracelet. Or large chunky neckpieces of aquamarine stones or bloodstone gems. For benefits to the whole household, place these gems as stones or geodes in the house.

Light up your Diwali with the Jos Alukkas Collection
October 13, 2017

The Festival of Lights is soon going to be here and of course the preparations begin well in advance. While we light up our homes and usher in all things new, it’s but natural that we also indulge ourselves with something new that lights up our personalities and makes members of our families happy. Purchasing jewellery is almost a tradition at this time of the year and your favourite Jos Alukkashas readied a sparkling collection and happy offers for the festival.

Every category of jewellery has something new for you to browse through—foryourself or for that perfect gift. Looking for a floral gold necklace set with chandelier styled earrings to match, then the range has many that will fit the bill. From earring studs in plain gold, to artistic ones studded with precious stones, there are several collections to browse through. Gold and diamond bangles in a range of designs—ethnic, contemporary, classic or fusion are yours for the taking. From simple pendants to pair with plain chains to designer precious stone and gold designs in several sizes and artistic shapes, you will be spoiled for choice.

What makes shopping at Jos Alukkas this Diwali season all the more interesting are the incentives on offer. For every Rs 30,000 worth of gold purchase that you make between October 14th and 18th, you will receive a gold coin free. On a select range of diamond pendants and necklace sets you will be able to avail of a 20% discount on diamonds. As part of the ongoing 53 years of celebration of the Jos Alukkas brand, which coincides with Diwali, you also get 7% discount on platinum jewellery. Every purchase entitles you to a free gift. There will also be lucky draws which will see gold coins being given out on a weekly basis, home appliances and even a Polo car as bumper prizes.

So this Diwali, why wait to ring in the auspiciousness. Get ready for an amazing shopping experiences at Jos Alukkas, both online and over the counter. We can assure you, your Diwali is a going to light up in a much more beautiful manner.


The year that was…
December 18, 2019

2019, A year to remember, filled with fun jewellery styles, unique designs, and a memorable 55 year celebration of Jos Alukkas. This year also saw some of the most stunning jewellery collections. The Mehfil bridal collection, the new diamond necklaces and pendants and the many many varieties of rose gold accessories. 

Everyone this year got hooked to the minimalistic jewellery trend and resorted to choosing sleek stylish earrings or necklaces to match their outfits. Platinum became a popular choice for rings and almost replaced the usual gold as a choice for engagement rings. Bridal jewellery got a new touch of rubies and diamonds, other gems, intricate designs on temple jewellery and it also became a popular choice of jewellery for many brides. 

Working women just upped their fashion game this year by making the most bold jewellery choices. Heavy hoops, studded bracelets and designer nose rings made all your work outfits more fun along with some special diamonds that look stunning with almost anything! 

This year also witnessed the opening of many more Jos Alukkas showrooms in India as well as some renovated showrooms. Online shopping has been becoming more and more popular in India and Jos Alukkas is one of the few well reputed jewellery brands to have an extensive collection on their online store, which also has many deals and offers on jewellery. 

The online store is very easy to access and even has a price, clarity, purity and occasion filter that you can set according to your liking while you shop. It is incredibly user friendly and provides the customer the same shopping experience from the comfort of their home! Some of our campaigns this year were very successful in helping the customer pick great deals and also to understand jewellery better. 

The 55 year celebration was truly memorable and it was wonderful to share the happiness with all our customers. It also reminded us of the journey of the brand, the challenges, the risks, the successes… and how the brand maintained its integrity and roots all throughout while also adapting to the modern methods of jewellery shopping and jewellery trends. We hope that the year 2020 brings everyone success, joy and of course some more fabulous jewellery styles! 

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Let us help you shop better
February 15, 2020

The Jos Alukkas website is a one-stop-shop for all types of jewellery purchases. All the latest trends in gold, diamond, platinum jewellery are on display on the online store. Interested customers can also browse through the gold coin and trendy collection sections to make some unique and interesting designs their own. The Jos Alukkas website is a very user-friendly one and anyone visiting the site can easily move from one page to another as there are connecting links everywhere. To make the customer’s online experience a better and enriching one, the website has a “Let Us
Help You” tab at the bottom of the page, which can be put to good use by anyone browsing www.josalukkasonline.com.

The “Let Us Help You” section is divided into the following segments- FAQ, contact us, Payment FAQ, Ring size guide, bangle size guide, education, order tracking, and offer zone. All these sections are developed and designed to help the customer choose the jewellery pieces best suited for them.While most websites have the contact us and payment FAQ pages, what is “different” here is the ring size and bangle size guide, which helps potential buyers decide upon the correct size for their rings and bangles and make an informed purchase.

The ring size guide page is very helpful as it has a detailed step-by-step process as to how to measure your finger size and then match it with the list given on the page to know which ring size is the best fitting for you. Ditto goes for the bangle size guide page as well.

Another important section of the ‘Let Us Help You’ tab is the Education page, which gives complete information about all the diamonds and precious stones that are being sold. The page contains details about their international grading, colour and different types of cuts.

The Order Tracking section helps clients to track the order they have placed from the comfort zone of their homes. For this, all they need to do is to register their mobile number/e-mail id on the site and they will get all tracking updates. The FAQ and Payment FAQ sections cater to all queries regarding purchases and expenses.

The” Let Us Help You” tab is designed for you, the customer so that you have a good online shopping experience without any hassles and keep coming back to the online store to create more beautiful jewellery memories.

2020 -02-15
Style it, your way
February 24, 2020

Home Jos Alukkas Blog  Style it, your way Style it, your way admin February 24, 2020Jos Alukkas Blog Versatility helps you get maximum value out of jewellery. Some jewellery pieces that can be used in different styles and different ways not just helps you get the best worth out of your jewellery but also gives a creative twist to your style.

Lost one of your stud earring pairs? Don’t worry. You can use your stud as a nosepin! Just make sure the stick part is not too thick and if needed you can shorten it by cutting off a bit with the help of pliers or take it back to your jeweller and they will help. And voila, you have a new shiny unique nosepin.

Gold and diamond chains now have a new feature. Some gold and diamond sets come with pendants that are interchangeable or removable. These necklaces have pendants that when turned the other way is a completely new design or if the pendant is removed, the chain is still a complete accessory. These sets are an ideal investment. One can wear the fancy gold necklace with the pendant with ethnic or wedding wear and simply remove the pendant when they want to pair it with a simpler outfit or wear to a cocktail party. You can even invest in different coloured pendants or pendants with different stones, diamonds to change and match your outfits.

Chains can be layered to make it more interesting and give it a different look. This works really well especially with thin pearl chains but you could always experiment with gold and silver chains too. A layered chain looks fabulous when worn with deep coloured cocktail dresses or even if you need something to spruce up a plain looking saree or salwar.

We hope that with these tips, the next time you invest in jewellery, you choose jewellery pieces that are versatile, unique and of course stylish!

Know your jewellery
April 10, 2019

When it comes to jewellery, we are sure you know your stones and your styles and your metals quite
well. But how well do you know about the standards and certifications that come with your jewellery?
Here’s some handy microlearning just for you.

BIS hallmark:

  • Stands for Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • Hallmarking system for gold and silver
  • Certifies the purity of the metal


  •  Certifies the purity in carat and fineness
  •  Is a part of the hallmark seal
  • Signifies 91.6 grams of pure 24-karat gold per 100 grams of alloy
  • Denotes 22-karat divided by 24-karat (22 ÷ 24 = 916)

GIA certification:

  • Stands for Gemological Institute of America
  • Most reputed diamond certification authority
  • Developed the 4Cs and the GIA International Diamond Grading System
  • GIA certificates can be verified online.

4 Cs of Diamonds:


  • GIA’s color-grading scale for diamonds is the industry standard
  • Scale begins with the letter D, representing colourless
  • It continues with increasing presence of colour to the letter Z, or light
    yellow or brown


  • Refers to the absence of inclusions and blemishes
  • GIA Clarity Scale contains 11 grades, from flawless (FL) to obvious
    inclusions (I3)
  • Most diamonds fall into the VS (very slightly included) or SI (slightly
    included) categories
  • The 11 grades are Flawless (FL), Internally Flawless (IF), Very, Very Slightly
    Included (VVS1 and VVS2), Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2), Slightly
    Included (SI1 and SI2), and Included (I1, I2, and I3).


  • Cut is responsible for a diamond’s fire, sparkle and brilliance
  • It is the traditional 58 facets, precisely cut and defined
  • The shape of the diamond is often mistaken for its cut
  • Round is the most common shape used in diamond jewellery
  • All other shapes are known as fancy shapes.


  • Denotes the weight of the diamond
  • One carat is equal to 0.2 grams (the weight of a paperclip)
  • Majority of diamonds used in fine jewellery weigh one carat or less.

PS. You can get all these details and more from the staff at Jos Alukkas. Every Jos Alukkas showroom has
experienced staff who are willing to help customers understand the jewellery they are paying for. Happy

Rock On, Men of All Ages
December 18, 2019

Accessories help to bring out or flaunt your unique persona to the world. It is also an aid to take you one notch up from a casual “cool guy” to a more than cursory “Wow! Cool guy”. And we’ve all seen how the young guns rock it with rings, bracelets, chains, caps, et al. Here’s a look at how you can up that oomph this Christmas season and get yourself more than just an appreciative second glance even if you’re not a youngster anymore.

Bracelets: You might have salt and pepper hair or even white hair. But don’t give up on bracelets just yet. It’s the number one ‘most trending’ accessory for men. Unlike the metal bracelets that the youngsters flaunt, there are plenty of staid leather and wooden bead bracelets that can enhance the look of any older man. What’s more, all these can probably be used along with office wear too. Depending on the strap size and number of layers, you can even pair up a couple or more bracelets to create a classy set. 

There are also metal bracelets with deeper darker tints that you can flaunt in style. Browse online to see your best options. Warning: Do it on a holiday or you will never get any work done! 

If you’re just not the bracelet type, you should go for watches. They have been man’s best friends for eons, but just make sure the watch lies well on your hand—not too tight and definitely not too loose. 

Hats: Not everyone can rock a hat. Hats are more of a statement piece than regular accessory. But if you are game to wearing one, there’s no stopping your oomph, we warn ya. The top rule about wearing hats is to make sure it lies well on your head. It should lie snugly just above your ear and not fall floppily on your head or be too tight. A hat can be worn with formal wear and even casual wear. But remember, while you can get away with wearing a cap or a hoodie even indoors or while at a desk, you might have to take your hat off when indoors. But hey! If it’s not an obstruction, just keep it on.

Pocket Squares: Pocket squares have always been just a piece of cloth to enhance your suit. Or have they? Well, whatever that may be, they’ve always managed to up the style quotient of the suit and the wearer. It adds a much needed colour and a break from the monotony or staidness of a suit. However, what we would love to see is for a gentleman to start the trend of accessorizing regular shirts and formal shirts with the pocket square. Are you the one to set the trend?

Stoles and Scarves: These are no longer just a woman’s item. The men have laid claim over it and owned it too. And thankfully, it’s not just a youngster who can carry off a scarf or stole. Anybody can. And why not? These are the best accessories that you can play with to either add life to your clothes with a dash of colour or to sober up loud attire. Just be mindful of the weather or you’ll end up having to learn how to sweat it out in style too. 


Holiday season, holiday style!
December 18, 2019

Holiday season is here! And you know what that means… Christmas parties at work, home, weddings and those glamorous New Year parties! Looking forward to those plum cakes, wine and of course those fabulous outfits you’ve kept ready? Here are a few jewellery tips that can help give your chosen outfits the sparkle they need! 

Gowns, skirts, cocktail party dresses are all clothing choices we make for our Christmas and New Year parties. Diamonds and platinum jewellery suit these very well. They are not loud and they complement almost every colour. Diamond chokers are in style right now and look fabulous when paired with a long bodycon dress or gown. Platinum rings and bracelets look especially classy when worn with pastel colour dresses. 

Rose gold jewellery makes for a nice change and looks amazing when paired with a complete black or white outfit. Rose gold jewellery lends a very delicate but classy touch to western outfits. 

If you’re planning to go away for a much needed vacation this holiday season and you’re wondering what jewellery to pack then we have some tips for you; pack small studs instead of heavy danglers, a light necklace with different 1-2 pendant options and maybe a few bracelets that match with your chosen outfits. Try to choose neutral colours like white or silver, or platinum jewellery that can be styled with almost all colours. 

Wedding season is here too and that means it’s time to get some new gold jewellery pieces to match those gorgeous lehengas and sarees you’ve kept ready! If you’re wearing a saree with a bright, sequined blouse with heavy design work then you can skip the necklace or wear a simple gold necklace, and focus on a bold, designer jhumka. Gold kadas look stunning when paired with the right saree or lehenga and if you’re the bride then you must know that gold or platinum is definitely the best choice for your special ring! 

So whether it’s for a cozy christmas party, a big fat Indian wedding or even a fun holiday choose jewellery that’s fun, comfortable and stylish!

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Gold- The Evergreen, Eternal Glitter
December 24, 2019

Gold is everyone’s favourite metal and people, be it men or women, love to adorn gold jewellery in their day-to-day life as well as for any special occasion. With the passage of time, new metals and stones like platinum, silver, ruby, emerald etc have made their debut in the jewellery market, but gold was and still is the undisputed leader of the jewellery industry, especially in India. The advantage of gold is that it looks pretty with all kinds of jewellery—be it bridal, modern, traditional, minimalistic—to name a few. 

So, what qualities do gold possess that it has stood the test of time? Firstly, gold, as a metal, is very strong and long lasting. Gold jewellery remains intact for years, decades and does not experience significant wear or tear if you treat it with love and care. Whether you are adorning it in your daily life or keeping it safe in your locker, your gold ornaments will never lose their sheen and will carry the same feel and look as when you bought them first. 

Customers always opt to purchase gold jewellery as the precious metal has the highest certification and purity standards. Gold has an extremely transparent and credible system of quality marking and this also gives the metal value for money and good exchange value. The purity is one of the main reasons why gold jewellery is the most important part of any bridal look. Pure, beautiful and intricately designed gold necklaces, bangles and earrings make the blushing bride even more attractive and glorious. 

Gold has been the best-seller for Jos Alukkas ever since the brand opened shop 55 years ago. Even though now we have separate diamond, platinum and gems sections, people mainly flock our showrooms to take a look at the latest gold collection. No other metal can steal gold’s glitter and the metal will continue to remain people’s first choice in jewellery. Maybe, that is why the saying was coined, “Old is gold”. 

Building a family online
January 28, 2020

It is the beginning of not just a new year, but also a decade. If anything defined the last decade, it has to be the way technology changed the way we do everything. Be it the ways in which we use our smartphones, or the way we shop, or the global reach that social media has brought – it has all changed in ways we wouldn’t have imagined ten years ago.

In the last few years, we at Jos Alukkas have strived to harness these advances in technology to build a deeper bond with you, our valued customer. We used multiple channels to stay in touch, to understand what the discerning buyer is looking for and to bring elegant and modern designs to your doorstep.

The Jos Alukkas website brings our entire showroom right to your fingertips and ensures you have a pleasant shopping experience. You can browse through our many ranges and collections of jewellery, be it diamond, gold, platinum or precious stones that you are looking for. The secure payment gateway makes sure you have nothing to worry about when paying for your purchases. Your coveted piece of jewellery will be sent to you by a reputed courier service, in tamper-proof packing, fully insured until it reaches your hands.

On social media, we went a step further by creating a community of people who have used and loved our products. Our social media channels have been a great way of staying with the trends and demands of the market, and to gather valuable feedback. For our new designs, the online community’s feedback is the first test by fire.

In turn, we bring you the latest trends and information on jewellery care on our jewellery blog. We make sure you are in touch with what’s going on in the world where all that glitters is gold (or even

This year, we hope to make this bond with our customers stronger, creating an exciting platform for both you and us. Keep reading and stay on top of the jewellery world!

A Journey Called Jewellery
February 4, 2020

Home Jos Alukkas Blog  A Journey Called JewelleryA Journey Called Jewellery admin February 4, 2020Jos Alukkas BlogJos Alukkas Jewellery Like all other items, jewellery also has a history and story to tell. While earlier jewellery was mainly considered as a symbol of power, status and pride, nowadays it has come to hold a more emotional and sentimental place in people’s lives. In ancient times, jewellery was mainly restricted to the royals who flaunted it to showcase their riches, power, self- importance among others. With the passage of time as living conditions changed, jewellery became affordable to all, thus marking a remarkable shift in the path jewellery has taken over the years.

In present times, jewellery, be it gold, silver or precious stone studded, holds personal importance for the people purchasing as they may have received it as a gift from a dear one or may have purchased it to mark any special occasion. Aeons ago, however, this was not the case. Jewellery was an important part of the royal treasures and many a battle has been fought over them. Kingdoms and states have been invaded and many lives lost in the fights to gain control over the prized jewellery. For kings and queens alike, jewellery was more than a mere trinket but something representative of their wealth and status.

Royals, in India and worldwide, take immense pride in their jewellery collection. Queen Elizabeth of the British royal family is known to adorn precious stone jewellery, which are rare and priceless. The Maharani of Patiala is also known to have flaunted her custom-made Cartier ruby choker, made in platinum with rubies, pearls and diamonds. Consisting of three layers, the necklace was truly a feast for the eyes. The queen of Baroda also proudly
showcased her 128-carat Star of the South diamond studded three-tier diamond necklace in the yesteryears.

History is witness to many battles being fought over precious jewellery. The most famous is the battle for the Kohinoor diamond, discovered in India in the 13 th century. The precious diamond was taken away by the British during the colonisation of India and is till now away in foreign shores, being kept at display at the Jewel House in the Tower of London. The 1739 Karnal battle also saw a heavy loot of royal jewellery, mainly the Mughal crown jewels, by Nader Shah. The empire slowly disintegrated after the battle with the crown jewels changing owners over centuries.

Jewellery has changed a lot over the past 50 years, with first being a status symbol to now being purchased for security as well as sentimental reasons. Jos Alukkas takes pride in being a part of this journey as well as your lives and we will continue to create beautiful jewellery memories in future as well.

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What is your Theme?
August 5, 2019

It’s raining, it’s pouring
And life is getting boring…
Well, come on, let’s liven it up a little, preferably with a little bling.
Since the rains are bound to play spoilsport to any outdoor plans this season, what we need is some indoor verve. And what better way to ensure this than go for a jewellery theme—week, month, you decide. Here are some ideas to get you started.Colour theme
For week one, go for a colour theme. Pick five colours for each day of the week and have everyone come to work wearing jewellery in that colour. Hunt out your lovely rubies and garnets for red day, sapphires and amethysts for violet day, rose gold for gold day and so on. Trend theme
For week two, opt for a trend. It can be strings, beads, jhumkas, bangles galore, payal day, antique, etc. There’s no dearth of options for this one! And surely your jewellery box should be overflowing with all these styles.
Metal theme.Another theme is the metal theme where you choose what metal of jewellery should be worn. It could be gold, silver, platinum, black metal, plastic (why not), and so on. Don’t have a particular metal? It’s easy enough to buy one (or more), considering the range of styles and budget that’s available these days.
Picasso theme
Why not go all out arty with your jewellery for a week or a day? Art jewellery (or Picasso jewellery as we cheekily call it) can be abstract designs, geometric patterns, asymmetric designs and so on. This is one theme where you can let your imagination run wild, for sure. Quirky theme Now, this is sure to be a fun theme where everyone uses their jewellery in nonconventional ways. For instance, use your jhumkas as brooches, make a kamarbandh with bangles, matha pattis with earrings or bracelets, anklets with chokers or necklaces and the like. This is where you get to totally redesign your jewellery and it’s all up to you to decide how quirky you want to get.
Now that you are loaded with ideas, get cracking on it. What’s more, get the men to pitch in too. There’s enough stuff in the men’s section of any store these days to make this happen.

Bring along the sparkle for your Valentine
February 8, 2019

February is here, bringing along another Valentine’s Day. Here is a day to celebrate love, when
people across the world go that extra mile to show their significant other how treasured they are.
With only days to go, have you bought a gift for your loved one yet? Wrapped and put a bow on it? If
not, we have some helpful tips for you before you go shopping.

Come this time of year and you’ll find a plethora of heart-shaped knick-knacks anywhere you turn.
From balloons to cakes to jewellery. We say you roll with it and buy your partner something heart-
shaped that they can cherish for years to come.

Nothing says “forever” like a diamond and so, that would be our first choice. To make that stone
extra special, pick up a diamond studded ring with heart-shaped motifs. You could keep it simple
with an elegant yet understated design, or go all out and bling it up, depending on your loved one’s
style. If you have a liking for colours, keep in mind that red is the flavour of the season. Look out for
a ring or a pendant with the deep richness of rubies.

With or without rubies, a heart-shaped pendant would make an excellent choice – a dainty number
in gold would make for great daily-wear, not to mention how it can be styled with almost any outfit.
Throw in earrings to match and you will have a winner of a set!

Valentine’s is not just a day to celebrate your significant other; it is also to celebrate all the special
people in your life–say, your closest friends, your parents, your siblings. A set of him-and-her rings
would be an excellent gift for parents, while a delicate bracelet would be ideal to let a dear friend
know how much they are cherished.

Take a look at our collection of Valentine’s Day themed jewellery to find that perfect gift–be it for
your partner, friend or a parent. Avail yourself a discount too when shopping from this special

The One Sparkling Star
2019 August 23

Ranking high on everyone’s fashion check-list is definitely the one-jewellery look. With “less is more” being the fashion mantra everywhere, more women—across age groups—are now opting for the single jewellery style, rather than mixing too many jewellery pieces. A statement necklace, a pair of long dangling diamond earrings or a designer ruby/emerald ring; the choices are plenty! The idea behind the one jewellery look is to draw attention to the overall look—the outfit, make-up and other accessories. When you mix and match a lot of strong jewellery pieces, it clutters the look and the overall appeal gets drowned.

The one jewellery look is highly popular in the West, with women often accessorising their elaborate, expensive gowns/dresses with just a statement neckpiece or chandelier earring, and the like. The entire look is a classic mix-and-match and an exciting fashion experiment, which is sure to grab attention. This trend is fast-catching up not just with the Indian fashionistas but also with the majority of the regular working women young girls.

While talking about fashion, it is a given that women are on the lookout for something new and different all the time. The one jewellery look, when paired up with classy make-up and a beautiful dress, is sure to make you the star attraction at any gathering. Most women think that it is a wise decision to invest in a single, expensive piece of jewellery rather than hoard up many trinkets.

One may wonder why this trend of one-jewellery look is so popular? The answer is quite simple. The entire appeal of a person is enhanced by this one central piece of jewellery, adding a classy look and drawing focus to the person itself. But when you cover yourself with lots of jewels, it gives a cluttered look. If your idea of fashion is being confident and classy in what you wear, then try the one-jewellery look and finish it off with natural makeup and a wide smile.

Mangalsutra: many shapes, same emotions
April 7, 2016

The mangalsutra or thali is a vital part of a bride’s jewellery collection. As with most things in India, the design of the mangalsutra changes from region to region. While some have the thali placed on a sacred yellow thread, others have it on a gold chain. Some have one or two strings of black beads interspersed with gold, holding two orbs or vatis of gold. Others have diamond pendants or coral beads. Each of these designs is dependent on the heritage of the family and their traditions.

The term mangalsutra is essentially a North Indian one; in the south, it is referred to as the thali. That said, the thali, in ancient history was a thread tied around the wrist of child with a tiger tooth or an equivalent element of hunting to ward off the evil eye. As its use evolved, it became the sign of a married woman, more as a social practice than a religious one.

In most cases, the thali is representative of the family deity—Lord Shiva, or the tulsi plant, or even symbols that indicate Lord Shiva. There is a great deal of symbolism and emotion that is attached to the mangalsutra. It is believed to signify the long life bestowed by the groom on his wife and from a wife to her husband. Its design, no matter what its form, is believed to ward off the evil eye and negative energy that surround a couple, with the thali vibrations merging with that of the bride’s heartbeat.

Though, it is interesting to note that the custom of wearing a mangalsutrabecome prevalent only after the 6th century. Up until then, a sacred yellow cord, called the kankanabandhana, was placed on the wrists of both the husband and wife to represent their commitment to one another through marriage.

Across South India, the variations of the mangalsutra are interesting to explore. The Iyer community in Tamil Nadu has a representation of the shiva lingam. The namam and the Sudarshan chakraare found among the Iyengars. In Karnataka, the Konkini is created out of gold and in the shapes of elements from the environment.

There are several ways in which a mangalsutra is tied around the neck of a bride. While some communities simply clasp it on, others go through a series of knots. Each of these knots are tied by the groom and members of his family, such as the sister, to signify a bride’s welcome into her new home.

This symbol of marriage may go by many names, however its emotional significance cannot be denied. That is why a bride and her family spend a good while making the right choice when buying a mangalsutra.

Online is Where the Sparkle is!
September 19, 2019

Gold bridal jewellery, gold accessories, platinum bands, you name and we’ve got it! The JosAlukkas online store has a range of beautiful, designer and casual jewellery and it also offers a variety of schemes and offers for purchasing jewellery from the website.Looking to buy a gift for a friend or a loved one? Nothing is more special than gifting a piece of jewellery. If you aren’t sure what jewellery to pick because you are not sure of their style preference, then gold coins make great gifts. If you want to simply let your special ones choose the jewellery that they prefer then Jos Alukkas offers gift cards that one can either use to buy
jewellery on the website or at any of the Jos Alukkas stores. You can also choose to gift wrap the jewellery box if you want to give it a special touch!
The website also offers an Easy buy plan which allows customers to buy gold jewellery from JosAlukkas in a planned, affordable manner. One can join by signing up and pay an initial installment through either net banking or credit/debit card. It gives you the freedom to plan jewellery purchases and allows you to save money every month. Sounds great right? It is not only value for money but also very convenient as it is all available online.
If you are looking for a particular ring design or a necklace that you really like but can’t seem to find anywhere, then go ahead and browse through the many options that are available on the website. Once you find something you like, and you want it immediately, you can always go to your nearest Jos Alukkas store, show them the design and get it. The website also offers many discounts on gold jewellery and diamond collections which make shopping online so much more attractive.
So next time you’re looking to buy a special gift or shop for jewellery online then the Jos Alukkas online store is where you will find the best of the deals!

Monsoon Weddings
June 17, 2019

Rains spell romance. Yet, for most couples, rains mean waiting it out to get married at a convenient (and sunny) day. Here are some tips that can help you plan and execute a beautiful and romantic monsoon wedding.
The first thing is to book an indoor venue. If it comes with glass doors and windows that can let in a panoramic yet dry view of the pouring rain and cloudy skies, the better. Ensure there is a good awning at the entrance which guests and the bridal couple can use to get inside without getting wet. Arrange for
valets and you can be sure to double the blessings you receive from your guests.
When it comes to your bridal outfit, brides and grooms should make sure to go for light fabrics and bright colours. Avoid silks and brocades and heavy suit materials. Heels and stilettos too are not advisable in this weather. Wedges, mojris and the like can give you a classy look as well as keep you safe
from an unwanted slip. Whether you’re wearing a dress or a lehenga or a sari, make sure they are a tad off the floor. Trails and long hemlines are sure to get dirty in this weather.
Makeup. Waterproof makeup is your best bet for a monsoon wedding. Cream-based and water-based makeup are more suitable for winters and summers.
Jewellery now, is something you can go all out on for a monsoon wedding. Pep up your look with some heavy traditional jewellery—jhumkas, chokers, ranimalas, all add the necessary glimmer and shine to the otherwise cloudy atmosphere. We must say, kundan jewellery or a diamond set will be a real
stunner for a monsoon wedding.
If you haven’t noticed already, selfie spots and photo booths at weddings are passé. Why not organize a rain dance as your pre-wedding event or post-wedding do, especially if you have a lot of young guests, or even guests who are young at heart?

Food, is of course, the most important part of any wedding. You can have a number of rain-special piping hot starters and mains, especially if you opt for live food stations. Have soups on your menu to keep the guests warm and happy at your wedding. Well, we seem to have covered most ground. Now
enjoy a beautiful monsoon wedding.

Hand-Me-Down beauties?
June 7, 2019

Many a grandma has heard this question, and many a granddaughter still reddens up at the mention of the incident. But sooner or later, the said earring or necklace or ring, or sometimes a brand new one, will definitely find its way into the granddaughter’s collection. And thus is born an heirloom jewellery.
For most of us, jewellery is an emotion, not just an accessory. At Jos Alukkas, we believe that every piece of heirloom jewellery is handed down along with a very sentimental story. The traditional palakka mala from your grandmother’s collection, the earring from your mother’s wedding jewellery or the pendant gifted by your big sister, they all add an emotional and happiness quotient to the jewellery—a memory, a sentiment, a throb of the heart…. Though these might be ‘old fashioned’ or ‘out of date’, they can easily be paired with traditional attire that you would wear for festivals and festivities. And viola, you would sure to be the charming old-world beauty.
But what do you do if your family heirloom is not to your taste at all? Keeping them hidden up in the locker hoping maybe your children will like it would be a shame. And you might even unintentionally dim the sparkle of the ornament when you leave it locked up in a stuffy locker. What you can do instead, is rethink, redesign and reuse. Diamonds, gold, pearls, precious stones and even semi-precious stones can be artfully redesigned and reset to the latest trends. Discuss the options frankly with your jeweller. Identify a good design that will suit the metal and the stones of your heirloom, figure out the costs involved as well as loss of metal or stones you might incur during resetting. If you intend to hand over the redesigned heirloom to your daughter, it would make sense to involve her also in the redesigning. This way, the sentimental attachment is formed right from the beginning.
So, go ahead and reimagine a new lease of life for that precious family heirloom as you blend the past and the present, the traditional and the modern and still keep intact the bond of love.

The Essential 5!
May 20, 2019

Grandma, after your time, can I take this earring?
The five elements? The five second rule? No no, this article is about a much more interesting five, here is a blog post on the 5 most essential, stylish and absolutely necessary jewellery items for every woman!Well you know how Marylin Monroe said diamonds are a girl’s best friend? She was definitely right about that! A pair of diamond studs is just what a woman needs to complete almost any kind of look. Whether it’s for a cocktail dress kind of evening or just a simple saree kind of occasion, diamond studs are simple, elegant and match every kind of outfit you have. Jhumkas, jeans and your favourite kurti, sounds like a perfect chilled out outfit right? An indo western look or even a traditional Indian outfit would be just incomplete without the good ol’ reliable jhumkas. Silver or gold jhumkas come in various sizes and finishes and always add a bit of extra glamour to any outfit! Looking for an accessory that isn’t too loud but still makes a statement? A basic gold or rose gold chain with a minimalist  pendant is a must have in your jewellry box. Pair it with a casual summer dress or a fancy party outfit, it stands out either way.A beautiful silk saree deserves an equally beautiful neck piece and that’s why a traditional choker or necklace is essential. Some prefer gold with lots of intricate designs and details, but  even a simple design would match most sarees and help you ace that desi look. For those special days, a gold kada-bangle is just what one needs to make her day even more special. They are traditionally worn with only sarees or grand Indian outfits but why not spruce up your salwaar kameez with gorgeous kadas of your choice and give your outfit a whole new look! These 5 accessories are a must have in every woman’s jewellery box. They are beautiful, versatile and special, the fabulous 5!

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