When jewellery turns smart

When jewellery turns smart


Most of us have upgraded our staid personal technology to the smart versions. Jewellery too has just taken a huge leap forward– bracelets that count the number of steps you take, pendants that double as pen drives, rings that send you notifications when your phone receives a text or call. These mini gadgets, once restricted to plasticky devices to monitor your body when exercising, have gone smart, and how!

The market is seeing a range of smart jewellery designed to look gorgeous as the first priority. Combined with that is an effort to miniaturize technology and have it fit into chic looking adornments.

The trend first began by targeting men with wearable technology related to exercising. The likes of Nike and Fitbit came together to create interesting wearable gadgets that could not only monitor and store statistics but also send them to your computer and evaluate them. Today, smart technology is aimed at the go-getter woman and the lines being launched are lust-worthy. Here is a look at some of what is available.

Track in style:Fitbit was one of the first companies to create tracking technology that could be worn. Today, they have placed their Fitbit Flex technology into designer Tory Burch creations. You have the choice of a silicone print-based bracelet that you may use for everyday wear or a brass pendant necklace to jazz up your evening wear. All the while, the technology embedded will be tracking your sleep patterns, steps, calories burnt and more.

Charge with your bracelet: Case-Mate is an internationally reputed brand of tech accessories. It now offers a gold chain link bracelet that alerts you of push notifications. It is also producing a leather stud bracelet that conceals an Apple Lightning charger.

Rings with app’titude:Ringly, well know cocktail ring designers have now introduced a new line of ring jewellery that may be customized to vibrate or light up when a notification comes through; all this, hidden behind semi-precious stone settings.

Information on your cuffs: Daly’s 1895 have placed their focus on men’s wearable technology accessories and have created sterling silver cufflinks that house a 16GB USB drive. These cufflinks may be customized with a monogram.

Staying connected always: The Memi Smart Bracelet alerts you discreetly to incoming calls and messages. It has three different forms of alerts and requires a simple tap to completely stop an alert. It houses a micro-USB charging port as well. It is fashionably made of classic silver, with plastic on the inside for water-proofing and with rhodium plating.

There are a range of such products coming into the market and India is not far behind. Miniaturizing technology efficiently is what continues to remain a challenge. But with each new product, this is being perfected and we have a lot to look forward to.



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