To gift and what to gift

To gift and what to gift


Some of us are born gifters. No matter what the occasion we know exactly what to gift each person or family. We even pay close attention to the packing, tying up the package with a small neat bow, or a lovely lace or more extravagant options, etc. But some of us are quite the opposite! We have no inkling what to gift whom or even whether to buy a gift for something as simple as meeting up after ages.

People, gifting is essential. And knowing what to gift whom and when is even more essential. A housewarming party, a baptism, a wedding or a birthday party all call for gifts. Housewarmings scream for utensils and furnishings or even decorative items for the house. A kiddie birthday party will have you shopping for games or chocolates and the like. A baptism might leave you flustered, but baby clothes are the norm you know.

But there is something else that you can gift on occasions as birthdays, weddings, baptisms, and such. That’s jewellery. Depending on your relationship with the person or people you intend to gift, you can pick from a range of pretty gold or diamond jewellery. Lovely animal shaped earrings, pendants, bracelets etc, in gold should thrill your little daughter. And since it comes with enamel work you can probably get them in your child’s favourite colours too. Add a small diamond for that sparkle and your little star is sure to twinkle brightly.

A cool and funky chain link necklace or bracelet is sure to make your son proud of you. The animal shaped jewellery is a hit even with boys these days. Though many would prefer white gold or platinum, gold is much in demand among our young males too. And what did you gift your mother on Mother’s Day? Unless you bought her something really extravagant, it’s never too late to buy her a diamond pendant or earring or even a large ring. Isn’t she more than worth it?

Which wife, girlfriend, fiancée, or sister would ever get grumpy if gifted with a piece of jewellery? And what better way to make sure they’re forever yours than to gift them a little something in gold? So, wait for their birthday or just simply surprise them with a box of glittering gift. Women love surprises, especially when it’s shiny and sparkly and come in velvet boxes. So what about the men? What can we gift them? For men who love wearing jewellery there’s no dearth of gold, platinum or diamond bracelets, rings, chains and even earrings. But if your man is not the jewellery type go for cuff links. He’s sure to treasure it.

Today, with jewellery brands bringing out many new and exquisite designs, you are often confused. In such cases, you could always opt for the gift card! Yes, you can get gift cards for gold jewellery too. So pick a gift card for a specific amount, and your loved one can either stay within that limit or add a little more and get a special something. Lovely, isn’t it?


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