Style it, your way

Versatility helps you get maximum value out of jewellery. Some jewellery pieces that can be used in
different styles and different ways not just helps you get the best worth out of your jewellery but also
gives a creative twist to your style.

Lost one of your stud earring pairs? Don’t worry. You can use your stud as a nosepin! Just make sure the
stick part is not too thick and if needed you can shorten it by cutting off a bit with the help of pliers or
take it back to your jeweller and they will help. And voila, you have a new shiny unique nosepin.

Gold and diamond chains now have a new feature. Some gold and diamond sets come with pendants
that are interchangeable or removable. These necklaces have pendants that when turned the other way
is a completely new design or if the pendant is removed, the chain is still a complete accessory. These
sets are an ideal investment. One can wear the fancy gold necklace with the pendant with ethnic or
wedding wear and simply remove the pendant when they want to pair it with a simpler outfit or wear to
a cocktail party. You can even invest in different coloured pendants or pendants with different stones,
diamonds to change and match your outfits.

Chains can be layered to make it more interesting and give it a different look. This works really well
especially with thin pearl chains but you could always experiment with gold and silver chains too. A
layered chain looks fabulous when worn with deep coloured cocktail dresses or even if you need
something to spruce up a plain looking saree or salwar.

We hope that with these tips, the next time you invest in jewellery, you choose jewellery pieces that are
versatile, unique and of course stylish!


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