Something precious for a priceless person

Something precious for a priceless person

mothers day

She is the one person who has been through it all with you—every step of the way, guiding you along, holding you up when you were not confident and waving proudly when you achieved that goal. She is the one who helped you smile through your tears, even though you may have caused her to shed quite a few herself. She is the one you will call frantically in the dead of the night even when you are old enough to take care of a little one yourself. She is your mother.

Mothers are often taken for granted. This comes from the deep-rooted certainty we all have that our mothers are never going to go away. We may not always do it, but there must be a time when we tell them how much we love them and surprise them when they least expect it. This Mother’s Day, a lovely piece of customised jewellery may be just what you are looking for. Here are some ideas to help:

Jewellery to remind her of family: One of the most common gifts is that of jewellery with birthstones. While these make for fantastic gifts, you may want to kick it up a notch. How about giving her a necklace or a bracelet with the birthstones of each member of your family? You can have this designed into a necklace or into an uncut stones charm bracelet. Not only will this make a unique gift, but is a great way for the whole family to tell her how much she is loved.

Engraved messages: Engraved jewellery is another option to consider. Take a look at your mother’s jewellery and understand the kind that she prefers. Engraving jewellery works for finger rings, pendants and lockets. Tell her how special she is to you with a simple, short message. If you have a special saying that is just known to you and your mom, engraving that will be appropriate. If you are choosing jewellery pieces like a pendant or locket, you may also have a photograph included along with the engraving.

Diamond and pearl jewellery: Most women do have a soft corner for diamonds and pearls. So consider buying her a solitaire ring or pendant. You could also look at necklace and earring sets in diamonds or pearls. The size will depend on the personality of your mother and what she is comfortable wearing.

Revamp mom’s jewellery: There are bound to be a few pieces of jewellery that are broken or forgotten at the bottom of her jewellery box. Why not fish these pieces out and give them a whole new look? Convert them to a customised necklace or bracelet while trying to retain the essence of the original pieces. This will give your newly made ornament a touch of nostalgia, yet be that something new that you can wow your mother with.

This Mother’s Day, give the first love of your life something that she will cherish for life. Gift her a piece of jewellery that tells her how important she is to you.


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