Opal and sapphire for the ever-pleasing Librans

Opal and sapphire for the ever-pleasing Librans


The month of September marks the start of zodiac sign Libra, which runs till mid of October. Librans are known to have mostly positive traits but certain negative ones do crop up once in a while. Librans want to keep everyone around them happy and in this process take up a lot of stress and tension. This trait of pleasing everyone makes them very diplomatic, ever gracious and gentle in their interactions with people. They are also known to be good hosts.


When you talk of a Libran, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that they are very kind, gentle and peace-loving. Ever the charmers, Librans talk very pleasantly and about positive subjects, thus giving those around them a joyful vibe. Librans are known to be upholders of justice and always play fair during any crisis. Their diplomacy skills are legendary as they are able to wring themselves out of any sticky situation. They like excitement, adventure and thrill in life and so they prefer being surrounded by like-minded people. Librans are happy in groups and they are averse to the idea of staying alone.


There are two sides to every coin. Librans have negative personality traits to counter their many positives. The first negative is that Librans are very lazy and laidback. They prefer other people completing their tasks for them. They are also known to be very superficial and detached as they are attracted to the external qualities of people and will take up pretences in their effort to please everyone.

One of the famous negative traits of Librans is that they are very indecisive. When asked to make a choice, they will take ages to come to a decision as they are not sure what is right for them. They can also be quite unreliable at times as they may go back on their given word in order to please someone.

Gemstones for Librans

Like all other sun signs, Librans also have their choice of gemstones, which are believed to bring them good luck and fortune. Find out more about the gemstones below:

Peridot: This gemstone is the traditional gemstone for the month of September and comes in transparent olive green colours. Librans adorning this gemstone believe that it reduces stress and also helps counter negative forces.

Opal: This October birthstone is a favourite among Librans who wear it to keep illnesses away. Opal stone is also, to them, a symbol of hope and innocence.

Sapphire: Sapphire is considered the birthstone of Libra. It is available in rich blue colours and is known to bring peace and spiritual awakening to its wearers.

Agate: Known as the talismanic stone for Librans, agate is a banded type of chalcedony. It helps its wearer view things in a clear manner and also aids him/her with finding peace in difficult situations.

Lapis Lazuli: Last but not the least, lapis lazuli is another semi-precious Libran birthstone. Found in intense blue colours, it is known to keep negative emotions away. It also helps the wearer channel his inner peace.

Famous Libra personality

Best known for her role in Titanic, which made her a household name, Kate Winslet was born on October 5, 1975 in Berkshire, England. Over the years, this multi-faceted actress has gone on to don many a roles—be it a Shakespearean beauty or a modern-day woman, with the same gusto and élan. Her other famous roles include Sense and Sensibility (1995), Shakespeare in Love (1998) and The Reader (2008). She holds the record for being the youngest actress ever to be nominated for four Oscars. Like her films, Winslet is also quite a hit on the fashion circuit. Her sapphire and opal heart shaped pendants were considered trend-setters by many.


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