Ola… Brazilian bling !


It’s the world cup football season and all you can hear is ‘Brazil’‘Brazil’ just about everywhere. There are those who pour out random football facts (and factoids) and those who gush about Brazil as if it was their hometown. But love it or hate it, the sprawling nation—the fifth-largest in the world—is the in thing these days. So chin up ladies and prepare to bring yourself up-to-date on (ah, don’t worry. We won’t talk football here) some amazing Brazilian jewellery trends.

Brazil has a rich and diverse culture. The Portuguese settlers, the Africans who came to the country through slave trade, the local people, all have their unique culture. Brazilian jewellery designers encompass the elements of this varied culture in their designs, creating a trend that is distinctively Brazilian. The land is also rich in flora and fauna—the lush green forests, the massive mountains, the beaches —and this too work as inspiration for the Brazilian jewellers. Needless to say, Brazilian jewellery is rich with floral patterns, colourful gemstones, plain gold and embellished gold, silver, and more. Rose gold and white gold are gradually becoming favourites. And in keeping with the true spirit of the land, H. Stern—one of the leading Brazilian jewelers—has come out with a collection inspired by Brazilian dances!

The Brazilian woman has a sense of style that is modern yet versatile. Dangling earrings and hoops, nature-centric patterns and designs, and layered jewellery are all-time favourites. However, a unique style that these women seem to carry off with ease is wearing multiple bold pieces rather than one statement piece. So you will find that women wear two or three large-sized cocktail rings or pair a heavy earring with heavy or layered neckpieces too. Brazilian women also change jewellery styles very often. So, most jewellery stores come out with four new styles or collections every year.

Another trend unique to Brazil is that women go for colour rather than the higher-priced gemstones. Needless to say, one of the most popular Brazilian styles has been the rainbow theme. Brazilian designers are famous for combining multiple coloured gemstones in a single piece of jewellery, thus creating a rainbow effect. The theme is recognized across the world.

Unlike the norm of cutting stones to standard sizes and shapes, some designers in Brazil create jewellery according to the shape and size of the stone. Not only is this a highly economical trend, as there is very little wastage; but it is also extremely unique. This style is known as the couture cut. The couture cut results in designs that have irregular outlines; an organic or amorphous finish; and an extremely original look. This style is also high on the naturalism trend that is popular among Brazilians.

So, now that you are well-versed in Brazilian jewellery, you can step out in confidence and handle any of that football crazy crowd—either by recounting these interesting jewellery facts or by accessorizing yourself up in Brazilian style. As they would say in Brazil, Boa Sorte!


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