Mother’s Day, make it special!

Mother’s Day, make it special!  


Now that May is almost upon us, why not take a look at one of the most important “Days” of this month- Mother’s Day. Celebrated internationally on May 10 this year, Mother’s Day is an occasion to honour our mothers, their influence in our lives, and in general, their contribution to society.

While some sceptics may argue the need for a specific day to shower your mother with love and care, the majority are of the opinion that all “moms” need a day off to feel special and enjoy a role reversal. Some me-time and some pampering is all you need to make her happy and lift her spirits. Mother’s Day can be seen as a ‘thank you’ note from children to their mothers.

Origin of Mother’s Day

The first Mother’s Day was celebrated as early as 1908, when American Anna Jarvis organised a memorial service for her mother in West Virginia. In 1905, Anna Jarvis started a campaign to declare Mother’s Day as a holiday in celebration of the contributions made by mothers towards family and society. Jarvis’ campaign efforts resulted in many American states recognising Mother’s Day and in 1914, Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday in the month of May as Mother’s Day, a national holiday. The concept picked up from there and is now celebrated with much fervour all over the world. Incidentally, Anna Jarvis later turned against the very campaign she started as she was very upset with the subsequent commercialisation of Mother’s Day.

How to Make this Mother’s Day Special

Now that we have an idea about how the concept of Mother’s Day came about, let us get started on ideas on how to make this Mother’s Day unique and one-of-a-kind for the most special person in your life.

1)     A lovely gift: This Mother’s Day, gift your mother something really special. It could be something she had always wanted or could be a little surprise from you. A collage of family moments would definitely get her smiling or even a tad emotional. A surprise makeover would be exciting and take her back to her young-fun days. You could opt for more luxurious choices like gold/diamond jewellery, expensive crockery, designer handbags and such. Remember, it’s about making her smile!

2)     Take her out on a date: Make May 10 special! Take your mother out to her favourite places, go for a movie or indulge in a shopping spree. Wrap up the day with a beautiful dinner at the restaurant of her choice.

3)     Surprise her with a trip: This Mother’s Day can be made special for your mother by offering her an all-expenses-paid trip to her favourite tourist destination. The trip is a genuine thank you from you to her for all the time she has spent nurturing you and the family. Make her happy with the promise of “unlimited me-time”.

4)     Cook for her: A simple gesture conveys more than materialistic items. So this Mother’s Day, take charge of the kitchen and whip up a delicious meal for your mother. This is one role reversal she will cherish for years to come. End the day with some delicious ice-cream/dessert.

5)     Say it with flowers: A bouquet of beautiful flowers is all what is needed to brighten up one’s day. So wake your mom up with a bunch of her favourite flowers and add fragrance to her day.

6)    Compose her a song: A more recent trend is composing a song for your mother with your own lyrics. Websites like help clients get in touch with artists, work on the lyrics and ready the final song. All this is done in a period of two weeks. It’s sure to thrill your mom, and leave her smiling.

 There are millions of ideas out there on how to make Mother’s Day a special day for your mom. But ultimately it is the thought that matters and even without any expensive gifts or fancy outings, a simple hug or ‘I Love You’ is all that your mom needs to feel special and blessed. Happy Mother’s Day!


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