Make your own jewellery pouches

Make your own jewellery pouches

Make your own jewellery pouches

Don’t we all just love those little jewellery pouches we get when shopping for trinkets! A number of stores today have abandoned the old-world zippered cloth bags in favour of shinydrawstring bags, buttoned pouches and glittering sleeves to hold jewellery. These are handy to store special pieces and double up as gift bags. Well, you do not have to wait till your next jewellery shopping to get your hands on a cute pouch—you could make your own.

Let us start with fabric and basic designs. An unused shiny dupatta that has done its time can give you enough fabric for several pouches. There are several tutorials online that will give you a fair idea on how to make circular drawstring bags. The only additional materials you will need are cloth punches, rivets to hold those holes in places and colourful string or ribbons. You will also need soft interfacing that will make your bag a little more sturdy and durable. The embellishments are entirely left to your imagination.

Another option is to hunt out old shirts, pants and shorts that have pockets. Cut around the pocket, keeping the fold intact, all the way over the top of the pocket and around it to create a flap that can fold over the opening. Sew the edges to prevent fraying and add a button to close the flap.You could try a regular button hole, an elastic band over a button, press button and more.

If you are working with denim, you could consider stitching in little bullion roses. If you have mismatched buttons lying around, you could create patterns with them. If painting is more your thing, use fabric paints to create pop-ups, shiny shaded patterns or textured designs. Add to this a few sequins and beads and you will have pouches that are unique.

Once you get the hang of it, you will soon see the possibility of making pouches from several other materials—old sarees make a wonderful base while saree borders can be pretty decorations. Children’s dresses with a layer of frillscan add a whole new dimension to your design. Your neighborhood art store would have numerous embellishments that you can select.

Try out this upcycling project and store your jewellery in style!


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