Jos Alukkas Jewels Not Just Precious, But Priceless!


Not just precious, but priceless!

Ornaments are all about adornment. It’s about making you look stylish; trendy; your scintillating best. It is also a good investment. In keeping with the trends, we change our apparel, we change our footwear and we change our jewellery too. Or do we?

What do you do when that thin-chain-with-big pendant style is so out and the heavier rani mala types is now in. Or the latest earring fashion is all about layered jhumkis? And what about when you get really tired of the ornaments you have simply because you’ve had it for so long? And how much can you keep track of what you wore to which function at which place and… uh… where were we?

Should you exchange your out-of-fashion ornaments for the latest? Or should you keep them and get newer glitters to your collection? Well, you could go for the first option, but before you sell off your years-old jewellery, take a minute to really look at it. That ring, for instance. It might be the first one your dad ever bought you. And that small diamond earring you bought with your own salary. Surely you can still relive the pride you felt all those years back when you managed to save up for months and finally buy it! And what about those bangles and anklets that are too small for your daughter now? Sell off and buy new stuff for her? You definitely could, but would you? You’ll fiddle with it and remember all those times they adorned your little ones’ little hands and feet and keep it right back in the locker.

Ornaments, especially some pieces of jewellery, are more than just fashion statements. A certain earring or bangle or necklace holds a special place in your heart. They are capable of bringing back fond memories; a joy once shared; a laugh; a look.Yes, certain pieces of jewellery hold an emotional bond with you. And that is definitely as it should be. Surely jewellery is more than just fashion or trends and the like?

And that is how we have family heirlooms. A mother somewhere just couldn’t part with her daughter’s baby jewellery. So she kept it safe and gifted it to her granddaughter. A father couldn’t sell off the bangles his mother had gifted his wife. So they gave it to their daughter-in-law. And she in turn gave it to hers. So rich with memories that ornament has become, isn’t it? And that is as it should be. Not just valuable, but priceless!

So give in to your sentiments, your emotional heart. Cherish that memory and cherish that piece of jewellery. For as you hand them down to posterity, you hand down memories that will become stories and legends, and sooner than you know it, a family tradition.


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