Jos Alukkas jewellery collections: There is something for everyone

Jos Alukkas jewellery collections: There is something for everyone

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Everyone has a different jewellery dream; every occasion calls for something different. We, at Jos Alukkas, are constantly striving to bring you fresh designs that surpass your expectations. Come, browse through our numerous collections—you are sure to find just what you had in mind.

Little Mermaid: Children need their very own stamp on their accessories. So we make it fun for them. Quirky designs and bright colours make the Little Mermaid collection popular among our young customers. Also find delicate bracelets and floral pendants for more formal occasions.

Antique Collection: With designs that come to you from beyond generations, the antique collection is a treasure trove of ornaments that will take you through time to a different era. Find single statement pieces like chokers or rings, or an entire gorgeous set that will be perfect for any occasion.

Bangle Collection: You can never go wrong with bangles. Be it a dainty, slim one or a large, standout piece, in plain gold or studded with stones, a bangle can instantly kick up the style quotient of any ensemble. And trust us when we say that with the variety we have, you are sure to find one for every outfit of yours.

Sparkle Eye: If you are looking for something exclusive, you have come to the right place. Sparkle Eye is a collection of Belgium cut diamonds set in French designs. What makes it unique is the fact that each piece of jewellery is inlaid with a diamond in the centre that sways, thus catching light with every movement and sparkling at every turn.

Parampara: As the name suggests, this is Jos Alukkas’ ode to traditional designs. Find designs that are reminiscent of your grandmother’s favourite earrings or your mother’s coveted necklace. Tradition never goes out of fashion. The same goes for these ornaments, which are sure to become heirlooms in your family, to be passed from generation to generation.

Pure Platin: A metal rare and pure, platinum is just what you need in your collection to mark those precious milestones in life. Increasingly the popular choice for wedding bands, platinum is also available as beautiful pendants and rings.

Diamond Collection:The most precious of stones set in the most exquisite of designs. From rings and pendants to sets and elaborate necklaces; ornaments ideal for daily wear to weddings—we have for you an entire range of diamond jewellery.

Indra: If you would rather have a splash of colour in your jewel box, come look at this collection of precious stone jewellery. Deep red rubies and the bluest of sapphires await you. Find designs that are worthy of royal ensembles.

Autumn: Ideal for daily wear, this light weight jewellery collection is just what you need to complete your outfit each day. The simple and chic pieces are designed keeping in mind the contemporary woman.

Primo: Not to leave the men behind, Jos Alukkas has a wide range of exclusive men’s jewellery as well. Gold watches, bracelets, rings and chains—you can find these in different styles to suit your needs.


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