Jewellery for the Indian man gets bolder and better

Jewellery for the Indian man gets bolder and better


Think fashionable jewellery, think women. Not any more. The urban Indian man is at par with his feminine counterpart in his interest and knowledge about jewellery. Jewellery, it seems, has become an integral part of the Indian man’s wardrobe. Rapid urbanisation and the increasing influence of western culture may be considered the two major reasons behind Indian men developing such fascination for jewellery. Nowadays rings, ear piercings, bracelets and flashy chains do not hinder their macho image but add to it. The 21st century Indian man feels that jewellery gives him a fresh and dynamic look. Bollywood and Hollywood heroes are also flaunting the adorned look and this is also a contributing factor to the growing popularity of men’s jewellery.

The male jewellery industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds. Indian men are now ready to spend extra for the latest offerings in jewellery. Men’s jewellery includes rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, cuff links (which regained popularity recently) and watches. The rings are usually made in pure gold/silver and specially crafted into masculine shapes.

In the west, some interesting developments have been taking place in the field of male jewellery. Clients are shifting from simple, plain styles to elaborate versions crafted in precious materials. American and European men are becoming bolder in their choices and do not shy away from wearing chunky jewellery. Industry experts say the latest favourites include intricately designed gothic motifs, aged metal, and oxidised silver.

According to experts, this change did not happen overnight but was in the making since the past decade. Over this period men have warmed up to the idea of having stones like dark emeralds, sapphires and black diamonds in their jewellery. Sale of pearl, onyx and diamond ear-studs (single and double) have also rocketed during the last few years. Male customers are queueing up for bracelets incorporating chunky designs. The most in demand are leather bracelets with diamond charms. Gem-set, corded bracelets are also selling like hot potatoes.

The winds of change have reached Indian shores too. Men here have also started experimenting with their jewellery and the results are trendsetting. Earstuds are a hot favourite among Indian men, who usually go in for studs made of diamond, gold and silver. More and more men are opting for larger stone earrings, as they are considered more fashionable than a smaller one. Silver, stainless steel and titanium studs are classic favourites and have always been popular with Indian men.

Indian fashion experts say that the current favourite among men are bands, kadas and gold chains. While some men are bold enough to adorn chunky necklaces, most opt for sleek and light chains. The Indian jewellery market is seeing a resurgence of classic men’s jewellery items like cuff links and tie clasps. These items, which had disappeared from the jewellery scene, have become more visible lately. Cuff links are now available with diamond and gold accessories. Animal-motif cuff links decorated with precious stones are the latest fad.


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