Hip and happening

Hip and happening

Today’s youth embodies sophistication and trendiness. And that’s seen in their choice of clothing and accessories as well. It’s not uncommon to spot a teenager wearing gold hoops and nose stud with a T-shirt and denim. Or a young wife in a traditional sari wearing simple, modern jewellery designs.

Platinum never goes out of fashion. And movies keep certain trends alive. Film-inspired jewellery sells like hotcakes. Youngsters like to dress up in things that are contemporary and in vogue, even if it’s an antique fashion trend.

Rose gold is gold blended with copper, giving it that colour. It’s used in modern and traditional designs. You can find wide bangles, earrings, chains and necklaces in rose gold. It’s a favourite among college goers and the working young.

Depending on the clothing and the occasion, youngsters wear single strand or layered chains. Single strands and flat pendants are a nice combination too. So are layered neckpieces with trinkets, stones and bells. Choices are also based on what friends wear: definitely goes a long way in looking good together.

Chain link bracelets are worn by men and women, though women have more choice in them. They go well with denims as well as salwars and skirts. Pair them with gold hoops or danglers.

Teens and youngster often have extreme likes and dislikes. And it’s reflected in their choices in jewellery as well. It can go from simple, small pieces to large, chunky ones. And the versatility is what reflects the vibrancy and colours of youth.

Doesn’t matter what you wear, you need to carry yourself with poise and confidence. Who better to do that than the young, confident generation of today? You’re probably wearing a certain piece of jewellery for the first time, but wear it with confidence and walk in style. It also makes a difference to read up a little about the jewellery and accessories you own—its origin, inspiration, etc. So slay it in style!!!


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