Gifting a glitter, earn a precious smile

Gifting a glitter, earn a precious smile

When you gift someone something, it means you are thinking about them, that they are in your thoughts. And the best thing is that you needn’t wait for special days to give. Receiving gifts gets us closer and we feel more at ease.

Gifting gold is a great way to show your love and commitment. Whether it’s your anniversary, daughter’s birthday, friend’s special event, or just another happy day, gifts in gold are always in. And forever well appreciated! Take time to understand the kind of gifts your loved ones would adore. That makes it even more unique.

Men too appreciate receiving gold. A tiny pendant for your godchild, a gold-plated watch for your dad or brother, a chain for your close friend, gold cufflinks for a work partner, and so on are fantastic gift choices. If you have guy friends or family with pierced ears, think of a medium-size solitaire or a plain gold stud as a gift for him.

Choosing for women can be a little tougher as you’ll be spoilt for choice. Also, women’s taste in gold varies quite a bit. If you’ve already shopped with them, it might be easier because you know what they like and what they don’t. But if it’s a first, then trust your heart and just go for it. Jewellery has a way of making people smile.

For someone who loves minimalist designs, buy something that’s simple and easy to wear. For those who like chunky pieces, think of a largish neckpiece or big pendant or dangler earrings. If they like antique, then there’s a whole lot to choose from—the dull gold matte finish look to authentic traditional designs, you have it all.

Gold gifts are definite investments. It stays glittering for years, and your friends or family can even exchange it for a newer piece or add similar designs to the collection if they wish to after a few years.

If you think they’d want to choose something of their liking, then take them along. It’s lovely to decide together, to see what fits and what doesn’t. Shopping with your favourite people is always fun. Or you can even place an online order and get the gift delivered on the special day.


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