Getting your home Diwali ready

Getting your home Diwali ready


Diwali is just a month away and everyone is busy getting their home ready for the festive occasion. It means long hours of cleaning, dusting, sorting out things and doing away with all the old stuff. The house is all spruced up to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, the bearer of well-being and good fortune. Whether it is a tenement, apartment or swanky villa, all are decked up with lights and beautiful decorations to celebrate the festival.

Many a times one cannot just decide which lighting and decorations will look the best. The options are far too many for us to choose from. Don’t fret… read on to find some handy suggestions on how to deck up your house during this festive season:

  • Get beautiful floating candles: Diwali is the festival of lights and what better way to celebrate the festival than by arranging floating candles around the house. Everyone lights diyas and candles; why don’t you try something different by opting for floating candles? You can also add a personal touch by painting the bowls holding the candles.
  • Make multicolored Diwali lamps: One need not purchase Diwali lamps from the market any more. You can make your own multicoloured Diwali lamps from old plastic bottles. All you need are plastic bottles, scissors, gum and coloured threads. Use your imagination and come up with beautiful home-made Diwali lamps.
  • Get creative with Rangoli: Rangolis welcome the guests home during Diwali. Give the traditional Rangoli a modern twist by adding personal elements to it. One can also include additions like earthen lamps and pots to the design to make it look eye-catching and attractive.
  • Make your own wall decorations: One can make their own beautiful and unique wall hangings/decorations and place them at interesting points around the home. This will add more spirit to the Diwali mood at home.
  • Use beautiful lights: Nowadays, a wide variety of lights are available in the market. Get creative and install these lights either as a row or as per specific designs to get the creative look.
  • Get colourful torans: Torans are not only beautiful, they are said to be auspicious as well. Get colourful torans this Diwali and deck up your entrance in co-ordination with the decorations inside.

These are few simple suggestions on how to beautify your apartment/villa this coming Diwali. The ideas are endless and you can mix-n-match different combinations to come up with some new and exciting adornments. Have a happy and safe Diwali!!!


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