Follow the trendsetters!

Follow the trendsetters!


Jewellery and apparel are mostly about the ‘you got it-you flaunt it’ philosophy. The recently concluded India International Jewellery Week (IIJW) too reinforced that trend. The bridal collection was all about intricate, heavy necklaces, haars, and layered jewellery paired with matching earrings and danglers. Chunky bangles adorned graceful hands.

Beads were again a huge hit. There were chunky stone beads paired with gold pendants on the sides, there were classy emerald drops in a layered necklace, there were even beaded headdresses that caught the eye. As always there were many celebrity showstoppers. But it was Sonam Kapoor, the IIJW brand ambassador, who was termed the ‘show stealer’. In a stunning white sari by Neeta Lulla, a bare neck, a lone bangle, an emerald studded ring, and an elaborate gold leaf design headband as accessories she was simplicity and elegance personified. Class, class, class, people! It’s back with a bang.

And these days that seems to be the norm among celebrities off the ramp, too. There is a pull toward elegance and class rather than showy and loud. Actress Amala Paul chose a clean and simple look for her Christian wedding and the reception. While the wedding diamonds were delicate the necklace and earring she wore for the reception were statement pieces. And that’s what the diamond collection at Jos Alukkas will do for you—add to your sophistication. From dainty elegant pieces to classy statement pieces, the store has much to offer.

Amala’s reception also saw many popular actresses like Shobana, Lakshmi Rai, and Trisha flaunting the ‘minimalist’ look. Their statement piece earrings and rings were enough to do the trick for them.Of course there are many who will steal the limelight with layered chokers and rani haars. Like Shritha Shivadas, the Gavi girl as she is popularly known, mesmerized guests with the kundanpolki layered choker and earring she wore for her wedding. Kundan might not be very popular in South India, but the bride Shritha managed to capture its beauty and brilliance, and looked gorgeous.

Temple jewellery and pearls too are holding steadfast and strong in appeal. In western countries, pearls are often a bride’s favourite. Our pride, our much loved traditional gold jewellery, too, hasn’t lost its glitter either. Whatever you pick—gold, diamond, platinum, kundan, pearl, etc—the beauty lies in not overdoing it. One statement piece is classier than layers of glitter. This is the season for more elegance than show.


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