Find the right jewellery for your makeup

Find the right jewellery for your makeup

Find the right jewellery for your makeup

Jewellery and makeup go hand-in-hand. The aim of both is the same—to enhance the appearance of the person. A mismatch in either could pave the way for a fashion disaster. Avoid those moments and coordinate your jewellery and makeup in such a manner that you will be the star attraction of any gathering.

So how does one come up with eye-catching combinations? Read on for some tips.

  • Ace the bright look: If it’s bright, then it’s right! If you are a fan of bright makeup like hot pink lipstick and golden eye shadows, then bright earrings are what you need to complete the look. Opt for bright pink or glossy gold earrings or gold choker pieces to enhance your makeup.
  • Match or clash: While deciding on what kind of jewellery suits which kind of makeup, one must decide first whether you want a match or a contrast. Earthy colours like brown, green, blue and red look good together. Therefore, jewellery and makeup of these hues match up well. These colours can be used for contrasting purposes as well. A bright red choker neck piece will complement your dark red lipstick. If the red necklace is replaced by a green or blue one, it clashes with the red lipstick. This contrast of colours brings a unique look and is a sure winner. Whether one decides to match or clash, both the jewellery and makeup will always leave an impact.
  • Tone down the makeup: Sometimes, it works wonders to understate your makeup and let the jewellery be the highlight of the evening. You can match up large chunky earrings with a bronzer and tinted moisturizer to get a goddess look. Light makeup and heavy jewellery—now that is a combination that works beautifully. Mostly, clean and easy makeup is what best suits loud and heavy jewellery.
  • Understand the details: It is simply not enough to mix and match the jewellery. One needs to understand why a piece of jewellery suits a certain kind of makeup. The reasoning behind the combination is very important to get the right look. For example, a lip colour with a warm undertone goes well with gold or rose gold jewellery. For cooler shades of lipstick, go with silver or gunmetal jewellery.

5) Experiment is key: There are no clear-cut rules as to what jewellery suits which makeup. One needs to keep experimenting to get the perfect combination. So first examine all your jewellery items and makeup in detail and keep trying different combinations. Experiment till you get the look that suits you the best.

The process of finding the right combination of jewellery and makeup can be a fun-filled experience and in the end, you would have come up with some mind-blowing combinations.


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