Dress it up for the New Year!

Dress it up for the New Year!

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We’re winding up yet another year ladies. But there isn’t much time to reminiscence about all the days bygone. Not if you are to prep yourself up for the New Year with the upcoming trends in jewellery. Yes, they’ve already decided what’s to be in and what’s not and my, oh my, do we have some sprucing up to do. What’s most exciting? There’s some heavy duty shopping on the agenda.

For starters, there is nothing balanced about the newest styles that have hit the ramp. The rage in earrings is to wear unmatched pieces. These may be of different sizes, or colours, or lengths. The beauty they declare, lies in the irregularity. Also, now is the time to go for multiple ear piercings if you haven’t already. You can then mix and match the earrings to your preference and create your own style.

The metal of the year, meanwhile, is to be brass. The jewellery can be thin and unassuming or bold and chunky. Just make sure the pieces are rich in that brassy hue. Adornments for the neck, meanwhile, have gone all tight. The chokers are back, but this time, they are ultra-mod and sleek. Whether they be of the baroque style, embellished with gems and beads or whether they be just a string of pearl, the look to achieve is pure class.

And for those who don’t like chokers, pendants are back in vogue. The chains and beads and medallions are all back in the foray, lending that irresistible charm to one’s attire.Yet another necklace style that might suit your preference is the dainty necklace. Love pendants—those small heart-shaped pendants—seem to be the latest rage. But small pendant are style favourite, too, adding charm to your outfit.

Hippie styles too are moving on into the New Year. But these jewellery are also being refurbished to give them a more modernized look and feel. Peppy talisman necklaces and earrings with stone and beads and feathers are another hit that just won’t go out of fashion. Getting worried that you might have to chuck away all the jewellery that you own? Worry not, heirloom jewellery is also stepping forward into 2015. The touch of elegance that these heirloom jewellery gives can never be replaced, it seems.

Ornate jewellery heavily embellished with pearls and metals and gemstones are also predicted to be quite a big hit in 2015. Here’s another reason why you still need to hold on to your old ornaments. Ring stacks too are going to continue their reign. The style for these depends entirely on your taste, of course, where you can opt for rings on each finger or go for just a couple of dressed-up fingers.

So like we said right at the beginning, now is the time to check out jewellery stores for some heavy duty jewellery shopping. Who would not want to look all mod and stylish as the New Year rolls in?


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