Bring along the sparkle for your Valentine

February is here, bringing along another Valentine’s Day. Here is a day to celebrate love, when
people across the world go that extra mile to show their significant other how treasured they are.
With only days to go, have you bought a gift for your loved one yet? Wrapped and put a bow on it? If
not, we have some helpful tips for you before you go shopping.

Come this time of year and you’ll find a plethora of heart-shaped knick-knacks anywhere you turn.
From balloons to cakes to jewellery. We say you roll with it and buy your partner something heart-
shaped that they can cherish for years to come.

Nothing says “forever” like a diamond and so, that would be our first choice. To make that stone
extra special, pick up a diamond studded ring with heart-shaped motifs. You could keep it simple
with an elegant yet understated design, or go all out and bling it up, depending on your loved one’s
style. If you have a liking for colours, keep in mind that red is the flavour of the season. Look out for
a ring or a pendant with the deep richness of rubies.

With or without rubies, a heart-shaped pendant would make an excellent choice – a dainty number
in gold would make for great daily-wear, not to mention how it can be styled with almost any outfit.
Throw in earrings to match and you will have a winner of a set!

Valentine’s is not just a day to celebrate your significant other; it is also to celebrate all the special
people in your life–say, your closest friends, your parents, your siblings. A set of him-and-her rings
would be an excellent gift for parents, while a delicate bracelet would be ideal to let a dear friend
know how much they are cherished.

Take a look at our collection of Valentine’s Day themed jewellery to find that perfect gift–be it for
your partner, friend or a parent. Avail yourself a discount too when shopping from this special


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