Accessorising your ethnic wear

Accessorising your ethnic wear

ethic wear

There is something so elegant and gorgeous about ethnic outfits. The drape of a saree pallu or the flow of an Anarkali are enough to make you feel like a princess. When you are looking to pair your Indian outfits with the right jewellery, there are several options. Your choices can depend on the style of your outfit, the final look you want to achieve or simply what goes best with your dress. Here are some thoughts to get yourself the perfect accessories for your ethnic outfit.

Match the weave: India has a rich tradition of weaves as far as sarees go. Almost every 100 km, you will find a new weave or a local creation. You may have several of these in your cupboard and one of the best ways to accessorise them is to follow local traditions. Your options therefore may be in gold or silver. They may be chunky or delicate, depending on the style of your saree. They may also be made of local materials, indigenous to the area where you buy the saree from. Nothing works better than sticking to local traditions.

Think gold and precious stones: The good thing about Indian ethnic wear is its versatility. A simple salwar kameez or saree for daily wear looks great with a gold chain and a small pendant or a silver set. If you want to give the outfit an upgrade, you can think of adding more elaborate jewellery. Temple style gold jewellery, Meenakari work and other such intricately created gold ornaments with precious stones can work beautifully.

Another option is to go with stone-based work. Uncut rubies, emeralds and diamonds in a simple gold setting can work very well. If your outfit has a solid coloured body, intricate chokers will be a good choice. If it has a heavily designed body, delicate, light chokers would make a better fit.

Go the tribal way: The exceptional thing about Indian fashion is the way it blends local culture into its design. Indian tribal jewellery can give you some lovely options to go with your ethnic wear. Offerings from the Northeast are by far the best choices. Tribal jewellery from this region features stones – precious, semi-precious and natural minerals. Besides gold, other metals and wood are used extensively as bases as well.

Just like the weaves, there are myriad styles of jewellery available across the country. Find something that suits you and your outfit the best. Jewellery is often versatile, allowing you to pair it with more than one outfit, adding different nuances to your fashion quotient.


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