Accessorising your cocktail dress

Accessorising your cocktail dress

cocktail dress

Every woman has at least one cocktail dress in her wardrobe meant especially for formal events or evening parties. Cocktail dresses are a must-have for different kinds of social events like parties, gatherings and office get-togethers. While some women opt for the classic look, others prefer to go with the latest fashion trends. Whether the choice of dress is classic or modern, accessorising the look with the right type of jewellery is equally important. Here are some tips.

Drop Earrings:  Drop or long earrings are best recommended for a late night party or formal gathering. These earrings, which mostly come embedded with precious stones like diamond, ruby and emerald, add to the beauty of the cocktail dress. The glitter of the precious stones will make the dress stand out in the crowd. If you have a short dress, go for long dangling earrings and if it is a lengthy gown, pair it with tear shaped earrings.

Necklaces:  Just like the earrings, choosing the right kind of necklace is very important in getting the look right. Go for bold and chunky pieces if you are wearing an off-shoulder gown. Necklaces with large stones, multi-coloured baubles and bold beads are some of the designs most preferred by women who have to attend office events on a regular basis.

Bangles/Bracelets: If you are not interested in chunky neck pieces, then you can skip necklaces and just go with a beautiful bracelet. A stand-out bracelet fitted with exquisite diamonds and gemstones is all that your cocktail dress needs. You can wear multiple bangles of different shapes and sizes as this trend is quite popular nowadays.

Rings: Rings add to the beauty of any evening gown and are a must in every cocktail party look checklist. Be it multiple rings or a single stand-out bold piece (diamond or platinum), they will complement the cocktail dress beautifully.

Follow these tips and put together a stunning look for yourself for the next party!


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