53 Years of Success and Going Strong

53 Years of Success and Going Strong

There is so much that goes into the making of a brand behind-the-scenes. In the case of Jos Alukkas, it begins right from sourcing, goes to designing, the creation of our stores, our well trained staff—allof which come together to give you a jewellery buying experience that has yet to be matched. It is this attention to detail and consistency that has brought you back to us each and every time. And in the creation of a brand, one of the most important things that keeps us at the top position—isyou, our customer.

This is a small note to say Thank You, for being a part of our journey all these years. For trusting generations of your family’s happy occasions and milestones to the quality we promise you. For helping bring this now 53-year-old brand to where it is today.

We have recently concluded our anniversary celebrations at the end of October—53 days of offers and discounts as well as new jewellery lines to commemorate our anniversary. We threw our doors open to you, our customers, to come join in the celebrations and you did that in large numbers. For that we thank you again.

Jos Alukkas as a brand, has survived the test of time—we have listened to you and your needs and our designs have moved with the times. Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding in the family or simply something that you have always wanted to have and cherish—we have something for every kind of need.

We have also understood along the way that gold is an investment for life and have therefore made it simpler to invest in, with our gold schemes. For those customers who are hard pressed for time to visit our stores, we give them the whole experience online, with the assurance of secure payment gateways, and delivery systems.

When Jos Alukkas first began 53 years ago, the idea was to create a brand that resonated with every family. Today, we are proud to have some many members to our family across the country. Thank you dear customer for being a part of us and our success.


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