Your wedding, as you desire…

Your wedding, as you desire…

Weddings weddings everywhere! Whether its Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas or Deepika and Ranveer or the big Ambani wedding, 2018 has been full of the most glamourous, elaborate and stylish weddings the country has ever seen. One of the interesting things about these celebrity weddings is how they have personalised some of their outfits or jewellery to match their tastes and popular trends!

Some of you to-be-brides would surely be tempted to add a personal touch to your wedding trousseau. Let it be engraving a name on your jewellery or embroidering it on your wedding attire, or even adding a twist to the traditional designs of your outfit, personalising your wedding trousseau just makes your special day even more special and memorable!

The exchange of rings is an important ceremony in most Indian weddings. Adding a personal twist to the rings like engraving your partner’s name or a favourite quote or even a special date would symbolise a beautiful start to a new journey and surely put a smile on your face every time you look at it. Instead of going for the usual gold/diamond ring why not opt for ruby, emerald stones or platinum rings? The trend of adding gemstones or customising the design of the traditional mangalsutra is a trend that is catching on. It adds an element of personal style and emotion to your wedding.

Traditionally, wedding attires have a colour pattern—red, white, gold and maroons being some of the favourites. Brides can add a bit of zing and spunk to the wedding look by combining traditional attire with unconventional jewellery choices. It’s your wedding, dress up as your heart desires.

Coordinating colour and style to suit with your partner is also an interesting way to add a fun quotient to the wedding look. So go ahead, use your imagination, emotion and dream designs to plan your wedding look. Create something exclusive using your favourite colours and designs along with your traditional jewellery to make your wedding an personalised event that is unique and close to your heart!


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