Your jewellery has a tale to share

Your jewellery has a tale to share


Many of us have our little collection of keepsakes—travel souvenirs, cherished letters, flowers pressed in the pages of an old book. And then there are the treasure boxes with trinkets crafted in precious metals—pieces of jewellery that are priceless not merely because of the value of the metal, but because of the memories attached to them.

It could be the earrings you bought yourself with your first salary. Or the ring your significant other gifted you. Or that pendant your mother gave you on graduation day, your first diamond necklace, the heirloom brooch you wore on your wedding day, your baby’s first bangles…. These are those beloved pieces of jewellery that are worth much more than their weight in gold (or platinum, or even diamonds).

In all probability, these are not ornaments that you use on a regular basis. So then, how do you store them, how do you set them apart from the rest of your jewellery? Consider giving them a special space in your collection, perhaps in an exclusive jewellery box.

These are also mostly ornaments that you want to keep for a long time, undamaged. So it would be a good idea to take some time to give them a safe storage space. Place each of the jewels in separate compartments or in their own individual cotton pouches. Ensure that the compartments are lined with soft cloth. If not, you could wrap the jewellery individually in soft cotton. Keep your jewellery away from moisture and heat.

While these are general tips that go for storing precious jewellery, here is something special for those pieces with sentimental value as well—write a small note for each of those valuables, stating when and where you got it, whether it was a gift and if so from whom, what the occasion was and how old you were. If you have other keepsakes from the same occasion, consider storing that also along with the jewellery, but of course, wrapped separately.

In the years to come, the notes will always take you back to that moment and the memories attached to it. Further still, your story will become part of the jewellery as it gets passed on to the next generation.

What are the ornaments in your jewellery box that you hold precious? Share your stories with us.


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