When Jewellery Becomes a Part of Your Special Memories

When Jewellery Becomes a Part of Your Special Memories

Jewellery holds a significant place in the heart of every Indian. It forms an integral part of most of our relationships. When a child is conceived, the mother is decked with jewellery at ceremonies to celebrate motherhood. She is even gifted more jewellery to show that she is loved and admired for what is soon going to be a new phase in her life.

When a child is born, it is a custom that the immediate family gift the child jewellery—to welcome the child into this world, to show the child is loved and to perhaps even create a secure future for the child and help the parents in doing so.

As the child grows, milestones in the child’s life is marked with gift of jewellery—graduating high school and college, stepping out into the world with a first job, celebrating a promotion or simply to tell the child that you will always love and care for him/her.

Relationships bloom and are often cemented with a piece of jewellery—from an engagement ring to the custom of shagun to the wedding itself, jewellery marks several milestones in every relationship. And so the cycle repeats.

Relationships are so many in a family and the significance and sentiment attached to each piece of jewellery can be so diverse—from a mother to daughter or to her son; or a father to his daughter, or a sister to her brother. You also have extended relationships that matter a lot—grandparents who are so proud of their youngsters’ achievements, doting uncles and aunts and so many more.

In all of this, it is a piece of jewellery that speaks a thousand words—of love, appreciation, affection and deep regard. Each occasion marks a special time for a relationship and that is a sentiment that will be carried all along and will be remembered each time.

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