What is your Theme?

It’s raining, it’s pouring
And life is getting boring…
Well, come on, let’s liven it up a little, preferably with a little bling.
Since the rains are bound to play spoilsport to any outdoor plans this season, what we need is some
indoor verve. And what better way to ensure this than go for a jewellery theme—week, month, you
decide. Here are some ideas to get you started.
Colour theme
For week one, go for a colour theme. Pick five colours for each day of the week and have everyone come
to work wearing jewellery in that colour. Hunt out your lovely rubies and garnets for red day, sapphires
and amethysts for violet day, rose gold for gold day and so on.
Trend theme
For week two, opt for a trend. It can be strings, beads, jhumkas, bangles galore, payal day, antique, etc.
There’s no dearth of options for this one! And surely your jewellery box should be overflowing with all
these styles.
Metal theme
Another theme is the metal theme where you choose what metal of jewellery should be worn. It could
be gold, silver, platinum, black metal, plastic (why not), and so on. Don’t have a particular metal? It’s
easy enough to buy one (or more), considering the range of styles and budget that’s available these
Picasso theme
Why not go all out arty with your jewellery for a week or a day? Art jewellery (or Picasso jewellery as we
cheekily call it) can be abstract designs, geometric patterns, asymmetric designs and so on. This is one
theme where you can let your imagination run wild, for sure.
Quirky theme
Now, this is sure to be a fun theme where everyone uses their jewellery in nonconventional ways. For
instance, use your jhumkas as brooches, make a kamarbandh with bangles, matha pattis with earrings or
bracelets, anklets with chokers or necklaces and the like. This is where you get to totally redesign your
jewellery and it’s all up to you to decide how quirky you want to get.
Now that you are loaded with ideas, get cracking on it. What’s more, get the men to pitch in too. There’s
enough stuff in the men’s section of any store these days to make this happen.


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