Wedding prep step 1: Shopping for gold

Wedding prep step 1: Shopping for gold


A Malayali wedding may not have the glitz and glamour of the big fat Indian wedding as popularised by Bollywood, with songs, dances and merriment. But it does have its share of pre-wedding functions that start well before the big day.

Parents prefer to welcome their new daughters and sons auspiciously with a piece of jewellery and a set of new clothes that will always be cherished. For the new couple, gold jewellery symbolises blessings of the elders, an auspicious gift to usher in prosperity. Most importantly, it is a token of affection from members of both families. Near and dear ones gift ornaments that will remind the wearers of the love of their family and friends, while forging new bonds.

Jos Alukkas, a trusted partner in making special occasions beautiful, is the ideal destination for families to celebrate the first ritual—buying gold. This is not merely a necessity, but an exercise that helps both families to get to know each other. So regardless of religion or community, invitations go out to members of the extended families on both sides, mostly women, to go jewellery shopping along with the prospective bride and groom.

Shopping for jewellery is a day-long affair and Jos Alukkas offers a perfect setting for it to become an enjoyable outing. With outlets all over Kerala, we have a wide range of designs available to choose from. While grandparents can choose traditional designs, aunts and uncles can pick trendy and unique pieces. In-laws can choose from our exclusive platinum and diamond collection to find a gift as special as the new relationship.

The staff at Jos Alukkas welcomes families as guests who have come to partake in a pre-wedding event and not as mere customers. We help you put together a collection that fits your budget and that will last a lifetime. It is also an opportunity for family members to get their personal pieces exchanged for the latest designs or get their treasured ornaments polished. Everyone participates in this wonderful experience that sets the clock ticking towards D-day.


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