Wedding jewellery goes chic

Wedding jewellery goes chic

Wedding jewellery goes chic

There is a reason it is called the Big Fat Indian Wedding. When it comes to weddings, we believe in doing things king size. The bride’s attire and her jewelleryare usually the cynosure of all eyes at a wedding and she would want to be at her radiant best.At Jos Alukkas, you will find a vast collection to match every bride’s desire. Here is a look at some of the wonderful bridal jewellery trends that are making the rounds now, at the beginning of the wedding season.

Upgrades of the tried and tested

Of course there are new age trends that have hit the wedding scene, but what remains eternal is the love for diamonds. Diamond studded jewellerycontinues to be the top favourite among brides-to-be, irrespective of communities and regions across the country. In fact, even traditional jewellery is now designed to include diamonds, giving one the best of both worlds.

Another one of the classics that remains afavourite is kundanjewellery. Especially loved by the contemporary bride, these sets bring in a blend of the traditional and modern. They may easily be mixed and matched and work great for weddings and receptions.

Vintage ornaments are a beloved part of bridal jewellery. While you may have pieces that have been handed down through generations, you will find quality pieces designed in vintage style to make your day special.

These are just some of the traditional forms of jewellery that continue to be top choices for brides.

Turning things around

A popular trend now is to take pieces of wedding jewellery and use them in innovative ways. A number of brides these days use heavy diamond chokers and multi-stone necklaces as maangtikas. With their hair styled to hold onto heavier maangtikas, this practice is now quite the rage.

Another interesting trend is the layering of traditional necklaces with the modern. So if you are wearing a family heirloom choker, you can add on pearl or diamond strands to enhance the look as well as add layers of character.

Going big

Necklaces these days have gone chunky for the bride. These tend to cover the entire neck, sometimes extend onto the shoulders and down the bust, depending on the design. From multi-layered strands to heavy, interconnected pendants, the bridal necklace is now uber chic. Asymmetric necklaces are also in style now, with semi open chokers and more.

Earrings have gone classy-meets-contemporary too. Jhumkas are being redesigned to look chunkier and prettier and these are by far the most popular choice apart from those that come with the new age sets.

With its irresistible bridal range, Jos Alukkas offers you choices in all these trends and more. No matter which part of the country you are from and what your style of jewellery, you are sure to find something you like at Jos Alukkas.


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