wedding day – It’s all about ‘the one’ stunner !


It’s a beautiful day—your wedding day! There’s hustle and bustle in the home, there’s serenity in your heart. You’re excited, and exuberant, and rushed to get ready, all at the same time. The parlour awaits, you are to be draped and bedecked and bejeweled in all splendor. You’re expected to shine. And shine you will—for all that gold that will be adorned around your neck and pinned to your sari will do nothing less.

While gold and its glitter are all lovely, and gives every bride that regal look, it’s important that the bride looks and feels like the person she is. The lightness you feel in your heart needs to be reflected in the person you are too, especially on your wedding day.

Instead of decking yourself up in layers of gold, why not go for a statement piece? A statement piece is a bold piece of jewellery that is worn with an intention to draw attention to the wearer. It sends out the message that the wearer is bold and confident. A statement piece allows the woman to step away from the regular and define herself as unique. And that is surely what you should be aiming at, at least on your wedding day.

Statement pieces for brides are definitely not a new thing. Many brides, especially north Indians and Christians, have been doing it for quite a while now—that one big sparkling diamond necklace or a precious stone studded necklace paired with a longer gold or antique gold ornate maala. A diamond will suit any kind of attire, be it sari or gown. It will also go with any kind of colour, white or red or green. However, it needn’t be all about diamonds. Why not go for one of those choker-cum-necklace pieces? They are big and bold, yet dainty, thanks to filigree work. And it definitely says: “Look! There’s no one else like me.”

A rani haar studded with precious stones is a great style statement too. There are even elaborate necklaces that are eye catching enough to do the trick. Pair it with equally elaborate earrings and chunky single bangles and you’re set to take on the world.

All these statement pieces not only make you stand out from the crowd, but they also speak of elegance and confidence. So sweep your groom off his feet with your unique style. Show him how you can stand out among the crowd, and how your statement piece will soon be the trend to die for.


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