Upcycle your diamonds

Upcycle your diamonds


Over the years, you have probably amassed an enviable jewellery collection. While some may be heirlooms, others have a lot of memories attached to them—memories of anniversaries and birthdays, of the loved ones who gifted them and of the days you indulged in retail therapy.

If you have reached a stage where opening your jewellery box does not excite you any more, then it is time for something new. No, we do not mean that you go out and buy yourself another piece. You can create a whole new set of jewellery with the diamond pieces you already have.

  • You can take your multi-stone diamond engagement ring and have it converted to a diamond pendant. Depending on the size and the number of stones, there are several designs that you could consider. Often the larger stone is placed at the centre with the smaller stones around it. You can now wear your ring closer to your heart.
  • If you have a heavy-set diamond choker, you can consider having all the stones removed and multiple delicate necklaces created. These can have solitaire pendants or have the stones delicately interlaced through the gold chain. The possibilities are many.
  • Your cocktail ring can be converted into apair of earrings with a solitaire pendant to match. Cocktail rings usually have a large central stone which makes for a perfect delicate pendant. The stones that remain can be set in gold or platinum to give you a lovely pair of ear studs.
  • Wedding bands studded with stones tend to see the most amount of wear and tear. The gold losesits sheen and the diamonds tend to fade with time. While you can invest in a new wedding band when you renew your vows, you could create a lovely piece of jewellery out of your existing band. Have it redesigned as earrings, a pendant or even a delicate nose ring.
  • Designs of diamond finger rings have changed with time. Years ago, the standard ring had a single stone placed in a thick band of gold. Change that look by retaining the stone and changing the base. Rather than have a thick ring, have it made into stackable delicate bands. This gives your diamond a fresh look and you, a completely new piece of jewellery.

There are so many ways in which you can give a new lease of life to jewellery. This way, you gift yourself a completely new range of jewellery without breaking the bank.


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