Turn heads with these head pieces

Turn heads with these head pieces


Being decked up ‘head to toe’ is not just an expression; it is quite literal in its meaning. So don’t ignore your hair when you are shopping for jewellery! From tiaras and head chains to traditional jhoomars, there is a lot going on there.

Over the years, there have been several ways in which head and hair ornaments have gained popularity, thanks to designers of both jewellery and bridal looks. We also see a lot of those on display in our movies too. What would a Hindi movie wedding scene be without a maang tikka resting on the brow of the demure bride? A number of our traditional dances too have such jewellery as part of the costumes. The designs and patterns, are of course, inspired by regions of the country and the dance forms themselves.

Here is a look at some head jewellery options you may consider:

The frontlet: This is a delicate strip of jewellery that is clipped to your hair on either side of your head, just above your ear. These pieces are usually encrusted with stone on a precious metal base. Alternately, they are made of intricately carved precious metals. These may also come with a pendant that sits delicately on your forehead.

Head chains: These are chains that sit on your head, much like a crown does. The difference being that these are chains—delicate single-strand ones, or those that are heavier, with several layers. Beaded head chains are very popular. They provide a delicate finish to a fancy hairdo and are suited perfectly for hair that is swept up. These may be of single precious metal varieties or may even be interspersed with precious stones. They tend to drape delicately all over the crown of your head and your forehead as well. There are also chains that flow down the back of your head, into your braids or hairdo.

Maang tikkas: These are ornaments that are used to decorate the head and are often laid over a middle parting of the hair. The varieties are numerous. You have the single strip which is clipped at the back of your head and then drawn over your parting, with a big pendant adorning your forehead. Another version is with decorative rows emerging from the forehead pendant that may be pinned up in your hair. There are also versions that provide you with two pieces—a single strip for your parting and a large piece that drapes down the side of your head, over your ear. This is fastened to your hair with a hook. The actual pendant varies according to the region it is from.

Head bands: The humble hair band has come a long way from being an elastic piece of cloth or a spiky piece of metal or plastic. Head bands in precious metals today are exquisitely intricate in their finish. You have hair wreaths that are created and attached to hair bands for easy use. Most of the intricate floral work is usually placed at the side of the head. Some of these wreathes also cover a part of your hair up front and then flow on to the forehead. These may all be used to attach a veil when needed.

These are just some of the head and hair jewellery options that are available. Each of them may be created to suit your facial features, hair style and outfit. Try one, or try them all!


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