Topaz, Turquoise, Agate – the Choice of Optimistic & Open-Minded Sagittarians

Topaz, Turquoise, Agate – the Choice of Optimistic & Open-Minded Sagittarians

Topaz, Turquoise, Agate

The ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius, is identified with the Sagittarius constellation. It covers the period between November 23 and December 21. Famously known as the Archer, the Sagittarius is, naturally, depicted by the symbol of an arrow. This symbol draws inspiration from the half-human, half-horse centaur Chiron, who is said to have guided Achilles in archery. According to fables, the centaur acted as a bridge between humans and animals.

The main trait of the Sagittarian personality is that they are always on a quest to find the inner meaning of life and hence open to new things. Want to know more? Read on to understand the positives and negatives of being a Sagittarian:

Positives: Like their mentor the Centaur, Sagittarians are quite the intellectuals. They have a very clear-cut thought process and are able to view the overall scenario in most situations. They are also known to hear out all sides of any arguments before presenting their point of view. As Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter, they show some of the characteristics of the King of Gods. Like Jupiter, they are noble and fair in dealing with crisis situations. Ever the optimist, the Sagittarian is always positive in whatever he does. Another personality trait of Sagittarians is that they are delightfully engaging, and good company to be with. This often makes them a favourite with others.

Negatives: Now that the positives are done, let us talk about the negative personality traits. Even though Sagittarians are open-minded and jovial, sometimes they can be quite dominating and inconsiderate to the feelings of others. At times, in order to prove their point, a Sagittarian can become very argumentative and rude until they get the desired response. Very often, they speak without thinking and end up hurting the other person’s feelings. Another negative trait is that they can be quite impatient and this can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Gemstones for Sagittarians: Like all other Zodiac signs, Sagittarians also have select gemstones that are known to bring them good luck and fortune.

Topaz: Known as the traditional birthstone for the month of November, Topaz is the stone representing Jupiter, the ruling planet for Sagittarians. Available in golden and yellow colours, topaz brings positivity and optimism to the lives of its wearers. It is also known to protect against injury and enhance eyesight.

Turquoise: This Sagittarius birthstone is also the traditional stone for December. It is said to improve the mental and spiritual well-being of the people wearing it. Turquoise comes in shades of blue, blue-green and green.
Beryl: This talismanic stone of Sagittarians is available in all hues, except green. This gemstone is known to bring happiness and remove all traces of procrastination. It also makes the wearer more sympathetic to his surroundings.
Agate: A banded form of chalcedony, Agate is a Sagittarian birthstone, as per Indian astrology. It is available in brown stones, mixed with white and gray bands. They are known to increase the internal strength of Sagittarians.
Amethyst: Last but not the least, Amethyst is another Sagittarian birthstone. Jewellery stores have this stone in lavender, purple and violet shades of quartz. This gemstone is believed to increase self-awareness and confidence.
Famous Sagittarian personality: These traditional birthstones have an important place in the personal jewellery collection of Sagittarian Hollywood legend Jane Fonda. Born on December 21, 1937, the actress is a two-time Academy Award winner. She is famous for movies like Period of Adjustment (1962), Golden Pond (1981) and The DollMaker (1984). She is also a writer, political activist and fitness trainer.


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