Timeless And Classic – Antique Jewellery


One fine day someone decided to give the glittery, shiny, bling-y gold the miss, and instead chose to wear her great grandmother’s necklace, a heirloom piece that had landed up in her jewellery box, coming down from generations to generations. When she wore it, the world around her stopped to admire the necklace’s classy, timeless beauty. And that is how jewellery lovers across the globe rediscovered the sophisticated charm of antique jewellery.

Well, that may not be exactly how antique jewellery came back into fashion. But, undoubtedly, the subtle beauty and elegance of antique jewellery has brought it to the forefront. The fact that it speaks of a certain high status in society, makes antique jewellery even more sought after by an increasing number of women. An actual antique piece of jewellery should be 100 years old or more; and hence, it will be set in styles of those earlier periods. It will definitely have high quality gemstones and precious stones and will boast of extremely fine workmanship.

Not everyone is lucky to have a piece of antique jewellery stashed away in their lockers. But that should not leave you wanting; for these days, jewellers have ornaments that are designed with an antique finish. These are specially designed based on styles of various dynastic periods, inlayed with precious stones and fascinating designs. The jewellery is then given the antique gold finish and voila, your antique ornament is ready!

So what style should you opt for? While that is certainly a personal preference, jewellers say that while the west boasts of Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Retro jewellery and such, Indian women prefer styles of the Mughal and Nizam era—kundan work, meenakari designs, legacy designs and the like. While Navaratna jewellery has the auspicious tag along with the pull of the antique, Pachchikam jewellery from Kutch is adored for its crude and rustic aesthetic appeal. Jadau work, Polki, Lac, uncut diamonds, stone jewellery, and temple jewellery are also a rage these days.

So head out to your favourite jeweller, drool over the many designs, get utterly confused—but make sure you return with at least one piece of antique jewellery.


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