This New Year, Give Your Jewellery Collection A Makeover

This New Year, Give Your Jewellery Collection A Makeover


As the New Year symbolises a new beginning, everyone likes to start fresh. It’s a time when people declutter, organize and dress-up their homes, spaces and clothes. You can do the same with your beautiful jewellery, too. Bring out your entire jewellery collection and go through it. It may have many unused pieces—which may be too big for you, too outdated or just some designs you have outgrown. Instead of hoarding them, why not gift or exchange these pieces?

Even if you may not fancy a jewellery, it can be tough to let go of it. So the first thing to keep in mind while sorting jewellery is to be objective and work with a purpose. You will have a special connection with all your trinkets and it will be hard deciding which to give away. But give a good thought and work wisely. Keep away all those pieces you have not used for a long time, those with a missing pair and those that have lost its shine. These could be exchanged for newer, trendier jewellery from your favourite brands.

There might be some pieces to which you have a deep emotional connect, like your first diamond or the first jewellery your partner bought you, etc. If they are still in good condition, you could keep them and also try to wear them more often. You could also give it a makeover by asking your jewellery to create a better design with it. A earring could be made into a lovely statement pendant or the anklets could be put together to create a lovely neckpiece and so on. You still get to keep your favourite jewellery pieces, but they get a smarter, newer touch too! Jos Alukkas always helps customers to create jewellery of their choice by way of exchange or by modifying existing pieces.

Some of the pieces may be pretty but may not be your style or choice. While exchanging is an option, you could also gift these to your little sister, nieces or cousins, if you think it suits their trend and style. It’s sure to bring a big happy smile to them. So this New Year, give a new glitter to your jewellery collection, too. Have a sparkling year!


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