The Versatility of Jewellery Sets

The Versatility of Jewellery Sets

While individual pieces of jewellery are good to own, nice to wear and easy to manage, there are times when you just cannot do without a gorgeous full collection of jewellery set—a brilliant necklace and earring set or an antique pendant, earrings and ring set. Add to this some lovely bangles or a bracelet and your look is complete. However, two things that play spoilsport in your love affair for a jewellery set are budget and the fear of being overdressed.

The issue of budget can be easily taken care of at Jos Alukkas, where you will find hordes of budget friendly jewellery sets that match your taste. What’s more, these full sets are often a good investment choice and a good article to hand down to your daughter or daughter-in-law to treasure as a family heirloom. Not only would you have gifted something valuable, you would have started a priceless tradition and also earned value for money by the deed.

Now to address the issue of over dressing. While you need to fear nothing when stepping out in all glory with your full jewellery set for a family wedding or a festival, a reception, an office function, a friend or colleague’s wedding etc. might not be the place where you can carry off such heavy jewellery. But worry not, instead, just give some thought to the versatility of jewellery sets. There are tons of ways to style yourself differently. Here are a few ideas.

Pick out just one item from your set and wear that as the main piece of jewellery. If you decide to wear your heavy necklace, pair it with glass bangles and a smaller pair of earrings. If it’s the heavy jhumka or dangling earring from the set that you prefer to wear, go for a thin, delicate necklace. You can even opt to not wear a necklace and highlight only the heavy earring. Add a matching cocktail ring and viola, your look is complete chic. Sometimes, just a pair of heavy bangles can work magic like nothing else can. And you can match that with some lovely stud earrings to complete the look.

Now that we’ve given you a few ideas, we hope you will mix and match to your heart’s content and make full use of those jewellery sets of yours.


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