The uncut sparkle makes the cut

The uncut sparkle makes the cut


Diamond—the word definitely stirs up a milieu of emotions and feelings and memories, doesn’t it? It also brings to mind thoughts of strength, durability and endurance. Derived from the Greek word ‘adamas’, which means ‘unconquerable’ or ‘indestructible’, the diamond has always represented power, status and wealth.

It was discovered first in India in 800 BC, and true to our form we attributed the diamond with sacred powers. It was also believed that altering the diamond in any manner would reduce its strength. So these precious stones were worn as pieces of jewellery or amulets, etc in their natural form—rough, uncut, unpolished, yet mysterious and powerful.

Yes, the trend started in our own India—the trend of wearing uncut diamonds. Remember our much-sought after polki diamonds? The polka technique is ancient and mastered by our Rajasthani craftsmen. But now, the world has revived (or shall we say it has been inspired by?) ‘our’ age-old practice, and uncut diamond jewellery is at the pinnacle of fashion if the Internet trends are anything to go by. Enthused by the unique shape and qualities and natural beauty of each uncut diamond, jewellers are creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces. And it’s being lapped up by the global crème de la crème—the customers who are in search of that subtle style of jewellery that is at once exclusive yet refined.

These are the people who find the glitz of a brilliant shiny diamond to be a tad in-your-face. The kind who would opt for class over glamour any day. And for them, the unstated organic beauty of rough diamonds is more appealing. These precious stones are used in jewellery in their actual natural size and shape. Absolutely nothing is changed in the stone—no cutting, no shaping, no polishing—so it doesn’t quite sparkle. But for those who don’t mind a bit of a twinkle, there are many pieces that mix uncut diamonds with smaller polished diamonds. The contrast heightens the beauty of the rough as well as adds that quaint sparkle.

The uncut diamonds are not typically characterized by the standard scale of the 4Cs. With each stone being unique and different from the other, uncut diamonds are also evaluated on factors like its natural shape, its individual beauty, the colour, the radiance, size etc.

Uncut diamonds come in a variety of colours. There are hues of white, cream, yellow, green, black, red, pink, etc. and unlike the polished stones, the colour of the uncut diamond is obvious. There are also opaque stones as well as translucent ones. But what matters when you buy a piece of uncut diamond jewellery is to notice the inner radiance that emanates from the stones.


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