The One Sparkling Star

Ranking high on everyone’s fashion check-list is definitely the one-jewellery look. With “less
is more” being the fashion mantra everywhere, more women—across age groups—are now
opting for the single jewellery style, rather than mixing too many jewellery pieces. A
statement necklace, a pair of long dangling diamond earrings or a designer ruby/emerald
ring; the choices are plenty! The idea behind the one jewellery look is to draw attention to the
overall look—the outfit, make-up and other accessories. When you mix and match a lot of
strong jewellery pieces, it clutters the look and the overall appeal gets drowned.

The one jewellery look is highly popular in the West, with women often accessorising their
elaborate, expensive gowns/dresses with just a statement neckpiece or chandelier earring,
and the like. The entire look is a classic mix-and-match and an exciting fashion experiment,
which is sure to grab attention. This trend is fast-catching up not just with the Indian
fashionistas but also with the majority of the regular working women young girls.

While talking about fashion, it is a given that women are on the lookout for something new
and different all the time. The one jewellery look, when paired up with classy make-up and a
beautiful dress, is sure to make you the star attraction at any gathering. Most women think
that it is a wise decision to invest in a single, expensive piece of jewellery rather than hoard
up many trinkets.

One may wonder why this trend of one-jewellery look is so popular? The answer is quite
simple. The entire appeal of a person is enhanced by this one central piece of jewellery,
adding a classy look and drawing focus to the person itself. But when you cover yourself with
lots of jewels, it gives a cluttered look. If your idea of fashion is being confident and classy in
what you wear, then try the one-jewellery look and finish it off with natural makeup and a
wide smile.


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