The old and the new sparkles!

The old and the new sparkles!

Year ending is the best time to sit and look back at memories. And it’s a great time to take stock of your jewellery, too. Use a half day to take the pieces out and air them, and then reorganise them.

If something needs to be polished, keep them aside and send to the jeweller. If there are links or locks broken, get them repaired soon so that you can wear them the next year. Keep a reminder so that you can pick them up at the right time.

We’re all bound to forget about some pieces—pendantsor chains or earrings—and remember them only when you open the cases at the end of the year. This is a good time to remember where you bought them from or who gifted to you on what occasion, and actually take a quick trip down memory lane. Think of the good times spent wearing them.

Buy a set of jewellery pouches and accessory bags of different sizes. Use them to store your valuables. While repacking, check for breakages or threads stuck in the latches and links.

If you have been planning to buy some new jewellery, plan for it. You might want to exchange an old neckpiece and get a trendy one. Or buy a new set of earrings and bangles to go with new outfits.

There will be jewellery that you have missed wearing over the year. Don’t wait too long, just pick them up and pair them with something nice and simple and wear this season. Christmas and New Year are times when you can do that. Celebrate every sparkle of life!


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