The nine wonders among gems

The nine wonders among gems


The origin of Navaratna jewellery has been impossible to trace. Not so however its significance across cultures. Navaratna, which means nine gems and jewellery made with these gems, is considered to be a sacred not only in India, but also Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, etc. This kind of jewellery is believed to bring prosperity and good fortune to the wearer.

The nine gems that make up the jewellery are ruby, signifying health, wisdom, prosperity and love; diamond, the symbol of fame and creativity; pearl to strengthen the heart; garnet to realize ambitions as well as to protect the wearer from ill luck; the blue sapphire which is considered to be a symbol of purity and wisdom; the yellow sapphire to achieve true love as well as a successful career; the red coral to give courage to the wearer; cat’s eye for protection against dangers and diseases; and finally the emerald to protect against evil. These gems are also said to represent the solar system. The ruby in the center represents the sun while the other eight gems represent the orbiting planets.

The true way of wearing navaratna stones in order to elicit the best from them is to ensure that each gem is in constant touch with your body. This is said to result in a release of positive energy that can have a therapeutic as well as beneficial effect on you. But those who believe in the metaphysics of gemstones also know that navaratna jewellery cannot be worn lightly. Not all stones may suit the wearer. So it is considered best to consult a gemologist and decide upon the gems and its influence on the wearer based on the astrological chart. It is also essential that the stones used for navaratna jewellery need to be of top quality—absolutely flawless and perfect in all aspects.

Apart from all these characteristics, navaratna jewellery has taken a wholly different facet of its own—that of an ornament past compare. Since it comprises nine gems of varied hues in one setting it goes well with any kind or colour of garment and skin tone. The various settings in which it comes ensures that there are navaratna ornaments in the traditional style, in a modern and hip style, as heirloom jewellery, etc. Also, while earlier navaratna ornaments were restricted to rings and pendants and necklaces as they needed to touch the skin, today you will find bracelets, jhimkis, bangles and more set with navaratna stones.

The ornament has moved on from being just a talisman and entered the world of fashion and glamour. But hey! Who’s complaining when one can get style as well as all the luck and good fortune in one go?


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