The Many Traditional Shades of Jos Alukkas

The Many Traditional Shades of Jos Alukkas

We are known for our love of jewellery and all things gold and glittering. No celebratory occasion in the family goes by without a good piece of jewellery being brought out for all to see. Whether it is birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and the like, ornaments are on the top of everyone’s gifting list. That is where an establishment like Jos Alukkas comes in. With over 60 years of experience in bringing the best to its customers, it has now become a household name as far as quality jewellery and innovative designs are concerned.

Jos Alukkas today has over 40 stores spread across 4 states. In each one of these stores, the team at Jos Alukkas works on bringing in a variety of designs and colours that are representative of the culture of each of these states.

Take Karnataka for example. The gold and coral ear studs and necklaces that are so common in this part of the country find a place at the Jos Alukkas store. You will have a choice of multiple designs, each of them unique, yet very representative of the culture it adheres to. From choices for children to young,as well as elderly women, there is something to choose from. Also at the stores are the Linga adorned amulets that are worn by most of a particular community. The protective tiger claw pendant for children is also found in a number of innovative settings.

From Tamil Nadu you have the Muthumalai with gold and pearls. You will also find a number of designs that are inspired from the Thanjavur style of art. The Jadanagam, or the ornamental hair braid that is intrinsic to south Indian weddings is also available in various forms.

From Andhra Pradesh and representative of both the Hyderabadi Muslim and Hindu communities is a range of jewellery such as the Paizab, or the heavy anklets, jewellery designed in pearls and much more.

The good thing about Jos Alukkas is the fact that it does not restrict itself only to the states that it has a presence in. You will find jewellery from other states as well and so the jhumkas of Rajasthan, the Shinkas of Gujarat, the kamarbandhs of North India and the Nath of Maharashtra are all pieces of jewellery that you are bound to find several variations of.

Jos Alukkas, has over the years chosen to add to its repertoire of skills and the styles of jewellery that it offers. There is so much to choose from that you will never run out of excuses to be able to browse through a store and pick up something for yourself.


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