Take your jewellery out!

Take your jewellery out!

Having a lazy, stuffy day at home? Feel like you need to get out and get some fresh air? Your jewellery needs this too. So this weekend, take your jewellery out from their boxes and give it some fresh air!

Most of us don’t bother clearing out our jewellery boxes and mostly end up picking earrings and necklaces on the surface or in the top drawer. Cleaning out your jewellery boxes not only ‘airs out’ your accessories but also gives you an opportunity to clean and dust up those old forgotten diamond earrings and necklaces that’s been buried at the bottom. Remember to be extra careful while cleaning precious jewellery like diamonds and gold; use a very soft cloth or toothbrush and gently clean out the dirt. Don’t use harmful solutions such as bleach and chlorine to clean as they will dull the sparkle and may damage the piece. While cleaning you may also find that one of your bracelets is missing a stone or an earring with a loose screw. Keep them aside to get them mended to make them look brand new again!

Before repacking or rearranging the jewellery back in their boxes, make sure to clean and dust the boxes and pouches thoroughly. The most important thing to remember is to keep the boxes as well as the jewellery completely dry before packing it. Moisture is the reason for tarnish and moisture in the box or on the jewellery causes it to tarnish quickly and lose its lustre. A useful tip is to keep a piece of chalk in the jewellery box, as chalk helps absorb any moisture, although one must remember to replace the chalk every few months.

Doing a thorough clean of your jewellery may even lead you to find some accessories that you thought you’d lost or completely forgotten about! Replace some of your old, overused necklaces, chains or rings with these glittering beauties. It’ll give you a change from your usual accessories and maybe you’ll find a perfect pair of forgotten earrings to go with that new outfit of yours!

So take some time off this weekend and take your jewellery out, give it some oxygen and love! Clean it carefully and bring back its sparkle and lustre.


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