Stones for the roaring Leo

Stones for the roaring Leo


Leo is the most dominant of all the star signs in the zodiac. They are creative and quite the extrovert. They have a grand manner about their personality and are magnanimous. Ambition, courage and strong will characterise them—much like the lion that symbolises the sign.

Leos are born leaders. They function very well with a group and are able to get everyone on the same page quite easily. Leos tend to know exactly what they want and use all their energy in getting things done the way they want.

They are usually idealistic people and have a strong humane side to them. Leos are intelligent and occasionally philosophical. Those with a religious inclination hold onto their beliefs strongly, without really imposing them on others.

As with others, the Leo star sign has several gemstones to choose from. Some of them are:

Amber: This is a golden-hued stone that originates from tree sap. The sap drippings harden over time and then fossilise to turn into amber. These are believed to have strong positive vibrations and connect well to the Leo wearer.

Emerald: Emeralds are symbolic of love and compassion as well as kindness and reassurance. It is often believed to represent unconditional love and is often used in jewellery that is being gifted as a symbol of love.

Garnet: These deep red coloured stones are symbolic of the vitality and strength of the Leo character. It is also believed to be a harbinger of prosperity in one’s life. There are several shades of garnets found in the world, but the red one is most popularly used and is associated with the Leo sign.

Golden Topaz: This also goes by the name of Imperial or Yellow Topaz. This is a soft, yellow shiny stone and is relatively rare. It is often found to be the perfect match for people who are creatively inclined—like musicians, singers and dancers.

Onyx: This is a flesh coloured stone and resembles a finger in terms of shape. There are several coloured bands that ornately decorate each stone. These bands may be white, purple or blue besides a host of other colours.

Ruby: This is a stone that may be pink to blood red in colour, depending on the levels of chromium in it. It forms one of the quartet of precious gemstones—the others being sapphire, emerald and diamond. The price of a ruby is dependent on its colour. Brighter the stone, higher the price.

Of course there are several celebrities who are Leo—singer, actor and producer Jennifer Lopez is one of them. This glamorous beauty possesses most of the qualities of the star sign—she is a creative person and is in the limelight. She is also known for the charity work she does.


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