Stack up your style quotient!

 Stack up your style quotient!


It’s been high up there in the fashion trends for more than a year now. But ring stacking doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. And why should it? All it needs are a few dozen (ok we’re exaggerating) rings and all your digits of course!It might look like the easiest trend to throw together, but a bit of thought and care are needed to make it really work.There are no hard and fast rules to it of course, but here are a few ideas that are sure to get the compliments flowing.

Basically, ring stacking is about creating your own unique style—every time. The rings don’t even have to be of the same metal, but just ensure they complement each other. The strictest rule in ring stacking is to not go overboard with it. This means it’s essential that you leave at least one finger bare. This bareness will ensure you don’t give a ‘cluttered look’, and also highlights the fashionably stacked rings.

Once you have got this rule fixed, you can go crazy with your rings. You can pair thick rings with thin ones, thin ones with more thin ones, play with various colours, mix and match gold and silver, wear diamonds and rubies and other precious stone encrusted rings on each finger, and literally go berserk in style! But remember to balance it right to get the style right. If you have a thick ring and a couple of thin or medium sized ones on one finger, balance it out by keeping the adjoining finger slightly bare.

For those of you who think this might be slightly OTT, you could try ring-stacking on just one finger. Choose a statement ring and pair it with a barely-there midi ring. You’ve trended, yet stayed away from the hype!

Then there are also the ultra-long rings that cover an entire finger. If you’re flaunting one of those statement pieces, it would make sense to stack the other fingers with really thin rings and midi rings. Unless you’re the sort who can go all out cheeky, and carry off multiple bold pieces stacked together. Did we mention there were no hard and fast rules?

Before we forget, the double rings and the chain rings are quite the rage these days. The double rings are connected to each other and go on side-by-side fingers. The chain rings meanwhile are connected to each other by thin chains. These too are the rave when it comes to stacking—they do the deed automatically.

So need we say more? Dress up those pretty fingers, stack it with style!


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