Shopping for your Valentine

Shopping for your Valentine

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If you haven’t yet picked up a gift for your Valentine, now is the time to panic and get into a last-minute rush. For all you know, your partner has been planning your gift for months and has it wrapped already! Take a deep breath and run through all the options you have for a memorable and lovable Valentine’s Day gift.

Flowers and chocolates are the regular culprits this season. As are perfumes or spa products like bath salts, exotic soaps and scrubs, and massage oils. Music always wins hearts. Though in this age of MP3 downloads and iPod shuffles, a mixed tape seems to be as old as the dinosaurs. But how about buying him or her a cool new music player and loading it with songs that are special to you as a couple?

Talking of which, personalisation is the keyword these days, isn’t it? If you scour the web, you will get personalised versions of just about anything. From t-shirts and coffee mugs to leather toilet kits with your initials and guitar picks with a special message, and everything in between. These could make for a cute way of expressing your love.

If the two of you have been together for long, kick it up a notch and go jewellery shopping. You could pick up personalisedjewellery designed for couples – pendants or rings perhaps. Even if they aren’t personalised, you could renew your love with platinum rings for him and her. Or how about a timeless classic finished in gold and diamonds for your lady? Check out some great designs right here at

Does your partner have a special interest? Then get them something related to it. For the fitness freaks, there’s wearable technology that measures the number of steps you take and sends you health-related reminders. For those who love to travel, how about a cool travel organiser? For the culinary adventurers, a cookbook from a cuisine they haven’t tried yet… the possibilities are endless.

It doesn’t have to be tangible gifts always, you know. How about doing something together? Gift yourself and your partner a massage for two at a spa. Book yourself a table at the fanciest restaurant in town and indulge yourselves. Or surprise your partner with a fancy dinner right at home, complete with candles and music. Go ahead and make the day special!




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