September: Shine like a royal ‘sapphire’

September: Shine like a royal ‘sapphire’


A maiden born when September leaves
Are rustling in September’s breeze
sapphire on her brow should bind
`Twill cure diseases of the mind.

When it comes to appeal, mystery and desire, there is probably not a stone that is more magnificent that the sapphire. The stone of prophesy and wisdom, of royalty and divinity, the sapphire is embroiled in the history and myths and anecdotes of nearly every civilization and religion.

The Greeks wore it for wisdom when visiting Apollo in Delphi; Hebrew lore talks of Abraham and King Solomon wearing talismans of sapphire; Buddhists wore it for enhanced devotion to god and for enlightenment; Hindus consider it to be the greatest gem which has the ability to see underlying truths. Then again, according to Indian astrology, the sapphire is believed to affect the wearer in both ways—positive and negative. The belief is that the sapphire need not suit every wearer beneficially. So there are many jewellery stores which will allow one to keep the sapphire for a few days in the house to see how their luck fares. And the person can decide on buying the gem, depending on whether or not it brings them good fortune.

But should we just ignore all this as superstition? Let’s not be hasty yet. For the gem is also believed to heal and purify the entire body as well as free the wearer from emotional upheavals. It also calms the mind and increases self confidence in the wearer. It is also believed that the stone emanates the energy necessary to make one focus on one’s goals and ambitions and thus work towards achieving it. There is more to the stone than just superstitious beliefs!

Apart from the belief that wearing the stone can protect us, give clarity to our thoughts, keep our hearts pure and so on, the sapphires are also one of the most remarkable gem stones ever. The deep hue, the brilliance, the allure, and the sheer elegance of a sapphire is immense. Whether it is set in silver or platinum or gold the dignified blue of the sapphire is sure to lend the wearer more than just a hint of glamour and sophistication. And again, since there exists the belief that a sapphire does not suit everyone, you might be able to make it work to your advantage in certain situations.

Sapphires and rubies are basically from the same family of corundum. While the red corundums are classified as rubies, the rest are referred to as sapphires. And they come in more than just the blue colour. There are yellow sapphires, pink sapphires, green ones, orange and even brown ones. Sapphires with no colour tint in them are sometimes used as substitutes for diamonds. Though mined mostly in Australia these days, sapphires were once found in Kashmir too.


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