Secure Online Transactions with Jos Alukkas

Secure Online Transactions with Jos Alukkas

Among the many things that the Internet has done for us, one of the main things is that it has made shopping easier. Online shopping takes the hassle out of driving through nasty traffic, jostling crowds, trying on things, making a purchase and finding your way back home. Just about anything can be bought online these days with the joys of online payment and hassle-free returns.

Jos Alukkas has a thriving online store which has quite literally everything that you will find if you head to your nearest outlet. The site is user-friendly, tells you everything you need to know on a product and even allows you to narrow down choices based on a list of customized parameters.

The one fear that many of us have with online shopping is the security levels that an organization has employed to ensure that our personal details are never made available in any form to those who are not authorized to have it. Jos Alukkas takes this privacy and security need very seriously and has a strong system in place that will set your mind at ease.

Jos Alukkas accepts all VISA and Master Cards for transactions done online. You will need to key in your 16-digit Credit/Debit Card number and the 3 digit CVV Code and complete the payment flow. All Credit/Debit card details remain confidential and private. Josalukkasonline works with a trusted payment gateways that use SSL encryption technology to protect your card information. Payments on the website are processed by a third party, which adheres to the privacy policy that is in place. Jos Alukkas has a non-disclosure agreement with the third party service provider and this company is certified by all the major card issuers to hold details securely.


Jos Alukkas takes your privacy very seriously and keeps your personal information only as long as it is required to complete transactions. The only reason your information will be used outside your transaction is to send you information on upcoming offers and specials. Or in the case of handling any queries with your transaction. You can stop receiving this at any time by writing in to the company on the link available online. When filling in your details online, it sends a cookie to your computer that is stored on your hard disk. This makes future transactions easier. You can choose to delete cookies at any time.

With such robust systems in place, you can rest assured that your transactions online will be safe, secure and you will always have a wonderful collection of jewellery to select from—foryourself as well as for loved ones.


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