Safeguarding your jewellery

Safeguarding your jewellery


When taking steps to safeguard valuable jewellery, people generally put their trust in lockers, home safes or insurance. Each of these options comes with its own set of pros and cons and your final decision should rest on your individual circumstances.

Bank lockers

When it comes to safety, a bank locker is probably the best option as this keeps your valuable items out of harm’s way in case of burglary, fire or other similar situations. Since banks invest in state-of-the-art security, your jewellery is definitely safer in a bank than in your house. You will also have complete privacy of operation as well as strict confidentiality of your locker contents.

However, the main drawback of using a bank locker is the inconvenience of storing your things away from home. Each time you want to use a particular piece of jewellery, you will have to visit the bank and this can deprive you of regular usage of your ornaments. Another major concern is the lack of  insurance cover in case of theft or damage while your jewellery is stored within the bank. So, to be truly secure, you will need additional insurance to cover the replacement value of the jewellery stored in the bank.

Private lockers

Besides public and private sector banks, there are locker facilities on offer from several private companies. These lockers are usually a bit more expensive than bank lockers but they operate in a similar manner. Some of these companies are also a lot more flexible when it comes to business hours. But people tend to trust banks more than private players in the locker business.

As with bank lockers, it is advisable to read the fine print to check for charges and penalties you are liable to incur as a part of operating costs.

Home safe lockers

Keeping the jewellery at home is a free and convenient option, but not the safest one. When kept at home, jewellery is susceptible to theft and liable to put you in the harm’s way during a burglary. However, if you prefer to keep your jewellery at home due to frequent usage, invest in a home safe of the best possible quality available.


Insurance is an option that can be exercised in isolation or together with one of the above options. When insuring your jewellery, be sure to choose a policy that has wide coverage including burglary, theft, accident and damage. Again – reading the fine print on the final document is a must.

So what matters most to you when deciding on storing your valuables? Safety, convenience or cost?  Do write in and let us know.


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