Rubies, Emeralds and their Evergreen Charm

Rubies, Emeralds and their Evergreen Charm

Diamonds are forever, and it is also called a woman’s best friend. But equally glittering is the charm of rubies and emeralds. Rubies in their red glory and green sparkling emeralds bring a special beauty to jewellery. Simple gold jewellery brightens up with the added beauty of shining rubies and emeralds.

In earlier times, emerald, ruby and sapphire were the official precious gems. They had more value and charm when compared to diamond or other stones. According to experts, a really fine ruby or emerald had more value per carat when compared to a diamond. Rubies can not only be adorned individually, they look good in combination with gold, platinum and different semi-precious stones. A beautiful emerald stone will only enhance the beauty of any jewellery. As rubies and emeralds are extremely rare, they are considered highly precious stones. This is why rubies and emeralds are priced many times over other precious and semi-precious stones.

Coming to rubies, their red colour is mainly due to the chromium present in the stones. The higher the level of chromium, deeper will be the red colour. In the case of emeralds, it gets its green colour from the presence of chromium and tiny bits of vanadium. The green colour of emeralds brings out the inbuilt beauty of all types of jewellery like gold and platinum.

Green and red have been a popular combination in jewellery for years; this is very evident in traditional jewellery designs too. Some of the finest classics are adorned with sparkling rubies or emeralds. It brings a lovely warmth, an ethnic touch and an earthy glory to the jewellery. Rubies and emeralds can be used individually as well as in combination to create different designs in bangles, necklaces, chokers, earrings, etc. Picture a diamond ring with a single ruby or a bright emerald, looks stunning, right?

One can also custom make jewellery with rubies and emeralds. Layered neckpieces or beautiful ruby jhumkas or even a ruby & emerald nosepin are classy, gorgeous additions to your jewellery collection. Jos Alukkas is always at your service, to make your glittering desires a reality. Our design team will assist you in creating exquisite customized pieces from the finest ruby and emerald stones.

So what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Jos Alukkas showroom or visit the online store to get your favourite ruby/emerald jewellery. Make a style statement that is colourful and personal!


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