Royal grandeur at its best

The intricate details, the floral patterns, rubies, emeralds and gold, yes, of course, we’re talking
about Mughal inspired jewellery! The exquisite Mughal inspired jewellery collection by Jos
Alukkas is the definition of royalty and elegance. A range of gold necklaces that are fit for a
queen is part of this collection, and each has a unique design of its own.

Mughal- inspired jewellery usually comes with a little mix of Rajput designs as well, it is mostly
seen in necklaces with a large stone set in gold with intricate designs. It shows fine
craftsmanship and art that is so different from the rest. The intricate carvings and designs are
a trademark of this collection and can be seen in the necklaces, bracelets and earrings,
although the earrings tend to have floral designs and more colour. The lotus design too is a
common feature in Mughal-inspired jewellery and can be noticed in most of the necklaces.

The occasion to wear such royal jewellery? Weddings are the best of course! The royal
collection is definitely a luxurious, statement-making style one and is best suited for brides on
their wedding day to add that bit of royalty to their bridal lehenga or saree. If you’re looking for
another occasion to wear it then match it with a monochrome silk saree or salwar suit for a party
or a function. The necklace will stand out for sure, giving your outfit a touch of elegance.

Gold, especially gold jewellery inspired by royalty is better suited to be worn with traditional
outfits but one can always try and incorporate a bracelet or earrings with their everyday Kurtis or
salwars. After all, don’t we all need a bit of jewellery on us from time to time to make us feel like
royalty? With this collection from Jos Alukkas, you can almost hear the royal fanfare play in the
background as you select that beautiful necklace!


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